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Sunday Comments March 6

We dedicate this week's update to Tony Warren, the creator of this wonderful show we all love. He left us an amazing legacy that will live on.

Tracy still refused to give Carla the painkillers, too and refused to believe her. Carla kept trying to deny the one night stand but finally admitted it. Tracy insisted on every gory detail, even accusing Carla of interfering in *her* life and Tracy isn't about to let Carla off the hook but she found out about Robert's surprise which took her down a peg or two. Carla and Robert might not be having an affair, but Tracy still has a lot of ammunition to hold over Carla with threats to tell Nick. Michelle found Tracy in the room but Tracy pretended she was helping Carla but Tracy has a plan up her sleeve. Carla knows it's probably just a matter of time.

Carla just needs to tell Nick. If he dumps her, so be it. Meanwhile, Tracy is making Carla sweat and Carla refuses to be blackmailed so she decided to tell Nick which took the wind out of Tracy's sails. But in typical soap fashion, Gail decided to make nice to Carla for a change and offered Carla some jewellry and also, Nick kept getting distracted by Robert and business stuff. Finally with Tracy watching from the bar, and Nick talking about Gail accepting her, making him happy, Carla couldn't tell Nick after all.

Here's Tracy's deal. convince Nick to sell the restaurant to Robert totally and leave town. Do it. Oh crap. I think this has got to be one of the stupidest stories yet. At least for the strong woman that Carla used to be. Instead of telling the truth, though, continue to lie to your fella and start a new life on that lie. Yeah, that's going to work. She's going to try, just the same. Carla doesn't see running away as such a bad thing but then that's her thing isn't it? Running away.

Nick realizes Carla is more serious than her usual ranting. Johnny's take on life was revealing, bored with the mundane, he likes the challenge of building something, helping it fly then moving on to something else. It made an impression with Nick. A nice conversation with David, too. David points out that Carla could end up feeling trapped and that would mean dire things for Nick. But starting his marriage on a lie isn't so great either, though of course, he doesn't know it yet. He's convinced. I do notice, though, that Carla hasn't offered to sell her share of the factory though she wants him to sell the Bistro. Why can't he just leave it in Leanne's hands to manage for him altogether? And why wouldn't Carla just tell Robert that Tracy is blackmailing her? It is so stupid. When will this be over?

Carla seems to have convinced herself that she really would do well with a fresh start. In Devon. So she's not going all that far, is she? The news about Nick selling up has spread quickly and Tracy's gloating. Only Carla knows why. I don't think Johnny and Aidan can afford to buy out Carla. But Johnny looks a bit gutted that he's losing Carla and Kate certainly is. Tracy is working on Robert to make Nick an offer. Later, in the pub, Michelle let the cat out of the bag to Gail about Nick and Carla leaving. Ooops!

Nick put the value on his share at 100 grand. What, no haggling? If Tracy had been within earshot, she'd have dickered him down a bit.

Sinead is nervous about the knicker photo shoot. Chesney says he doesn't mind but his little face doesn't really show it. It is a good chance, a bit of extra money. Why not? Chesney went to the factory. Factory? Yes they took the photos in the factory with a bit of a backdrop. In the middle of a work day which of course is a huge distraction to the workforce. And did you see what they did to Sinead? She had her hair done up in curly pigtails and looked about 13. Is that the look you want when modelling lingerie for women? I think the look with the pigtails and the hair bows was a bit creepy, to be honest. Anyway, she got another catalogue job mere hours after the first shoot. Chesney is not best pleased. Once was a lark. Twice might be a career. The modelling could be a nice little side-earner for her.

Simon continues to be hateful towards Leanne and in a way, I can't blame him. I mean, I can see it from his point of view but in Leanne's defence, Simon bragged he did it on purpose before changing his story and it's kind of a case of the boy who cried wolf. Leanne was very good with him, but he's not really ready to listen. Peter has finally got involved only because Simon called him and gave Simon an out. He can go to his dad during the school holiday and Ken is going to make the long drive down and back and it sounds like he's driving overnight and that's a very long drive down to Portsmouth from Manchester. I hope Ken is tanking up on lots of coffee. Presumably Amy must be staying overnight at the pub. Anyway, for Simon, a little space might just be good. Maybe Peter can talk sense in to Simon. Or not.

Sally decided to suck up to Andy and Steph, pretending she thought they were a lovely couple with no thought of them actually being voters but proceeded to bang on and on about her tidy garden policy anyway in spite of them trying to avoid political debate, citing Andy's dad's golden rule about not talking politics in the local pub lest you offend a friend. Sean finally broke up the politicking.

The newest crusade is the new Fresco superstore. Good thing to have nearby or not? Norris can't get hold of Sally, well duh, she's at work, isn't she? So he's going to send a letter using her name in protest without checking with her. That's not going to go down well, mainly because they published the fact that her husband is a window cleaner. She tore a strip off Norris, and it's true, he shouldn't have sent information to the paper without her approval. Thing is, weeks into the campaign and she still hasn't decided what her platform is.

But one thing she did decide, rather than Tim being a small business owner and window cleaner. she's going to be the small business owner and install Tim in Streetcars. Looks like she's bought out Lloyd's half. It's not going to be a good thing for Tim who likes the freedom of being independent with his work. Now he'll be responsible for staff and shifts and payroll. Nightmare. In the end, though, Tim can't stay angry with her. Maybe he'll just spend his time driving. He probably wouldn't mind that so much. I'm glad Tim isn't going to give up his window cleaning business. Why should he? And Sally compromised on it. I can see right away what Tim's management method is going to be. Let them all get on with it while he reads the newspaper and eats biscuits.

She lost her campaign manager and gained a rival, because Norris isn't "loyal" apparently. Loved Norris' rant against Sally, a glory hunter, a loser and both he and Rita quoting Emily. Norris decided he'd be a much better councillor than she, and he's probably right. Sally is confident that she can beat Norris at the polls.

Why is it that Anna and Phelan always end up in the same place at the same time? Anna's happy she's going to see the back of Phelan. Phelan has other plans. Eileen was well chuffed to find Phelan fixing her kitchen cupboards. Michael wasn't best pleased to see another man doing man-in-the-house jobs that he planned to do though it seems to be taking him weeks just to sort out his toolbox! Phelan passed on a contact to Jason who got a big job out of it. So much for Anna's good mood over Phelan's departure. Jason's got work and Phelan needs a job. Exactly what he intended, I would think.

Kevin's opening up the expansion, I think mainly he's doing body work rather than mechanics but either way, good for him. Problem is Phelan. Jason reckons hiring him is a good thing. I suspect it will lead to Jason's downfall because Phelan won't be satisfied with not being the mover and shaker for long. Jason's naive and will easily get sucked into Phelan's manipulations. And Anna, well she would rather melt down and destroy Phelan's car than tell Kevin the truth which would be difficult but a lot less destructive than the way she's going. Good grief! Kevin dumped her and I would too! It's way too much drama.

And with her going postal all over the place, smashing the van, attacking Phelan and thinking that nobody at all will tell Faye? Cloud cuckoo land, lady. It was disgraceful, and if she can't tell Kevin the truth after all that, she deserves to be dumped and locked up but Phelan isn't going to call the police. He's the "bigger man". Logically, though, he should if just for the insurance.

Phelan seems quite smug about all the upset he's caused. Tim, mind you, put a flea in Kevin's ear about trusting the devil you don't really know very well over someone you were supposed to love. And even though Tim doesn't know the whole truth, either, he's still right. Anyway, back to Phelan who's decided he's getting his revenge on Anna for her melt down by sitting in the cafe all afternoon and staring at her, keeping her flustered. At the end of the afternoon, he showed his true colours. he insisted she apologize to him in public. She balked. She threatened to tell people what he was really like, even though she wouldn't do that. He scared the life out of her but this time, Kevin caught him! Luke had convinced Kevin to go talk to her.

Alya's birthday and her gift was an antique sewing machine. And an old university friend, Rana, got in touch. Rana rolled in late and full of beans and Zeedan seemed to be struck by the old "Love Lightening"! Rana is a nurse, it turns out. And she's complaining because she's had to be making beds. In my world, nurses do that and a lot of other things that don't always involve direct nursing of patients. Didn't she get any of that in nursing school?

Cathy messed up. She unplugged the fridge and freezer and everything thawed out! Andy's messed up, too. He was supposed to book he and Steph off for her 21st birthday (so that means she's not that much younger than Sophie). He's not very good at choosing presents, either. A kettle. Because hers is leaking. And she didn't even hit him with it.

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