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Sunday Comments March 13

Phelan was trying hard to spin the matter but Kevin was suspcious and he didn't believe him. Kevin can certainly hold his own and Phelan isn't going to press the issue. And yet, Anna still won't tell Kevin the whole truth and Phelan makes sure he gets Jason on his side. And I'm telling you, I'm ready to stick a fork in my eye if she doesn't tell him soon. I can't blame Anna for hesitating on going back with Kevin. He didn't trust her word. I'm actually glad she didn't cave in and go all giggly again. I suppose they will get back together in the end, though. I wonder if Kevin is still going to fix his van for free? Nope.

Kevin was pretty free with his accusations on the street but he has no proof so Kevin looks like he's in the wrong because Phelan's so good at the spin. Now Kevin's mooning like a lovesick teenager with a broken heart and Anna is determined it's over. Norris is pretty good with the spin, too, making all sorts of insinuations that Tim was fighting in the street when he was actually trying to prevent one. He's such a little troll.

Andy is really rubbish at birthdays, isn't he? You almost hope he's actually got a big surprise party or extra special gift for her that he's pretending he doesn't have. But he did have a somewhat suspicious look on his face behind her back when she was making plans to go clubbing. Yep, he was planning something better after all. Back of the net! Only problem is, in addition to a posh spa, there was a bar and Steph is hungover the next day! She's also got to face Jamie's trial which we won't actually see but he got three years for the photo thing, likely will get more for the burglary though I suppose that trial won't be for a bit.

O'Driscolls seem to be a demanding client but Aidan seems up for the challenge, at least where it comes to running up estimates and spreadsheets. And Aidan then ends up manipulating their other customers in order to pander to O'Driscolls. Aidan asked Eva out but she spied Marta lurking in the shadows and brought her home for the night because she's ill. The next day, Eva has pulled a sickie to look after Marta. Later on Aidan comes over with supplies like grapes, chocolate and a lemon drink but Eva manages to hustle him out. Marta still has Sean's overcoat and ends up slipping out the door when Eva's back is turned, worried that she's too much trouble. Oh dear.

Gail never did very well releasing the apron strings with Nick in particular. She's pulling on them tight now but at least he's not about to give in. Never mind. Nick told Leanne about his plans. I thought he'd tell her right then that she could put in an offer if she could swing it but he didn't. Robert can't seem to be able to raise more than 90K and Ken isn't willing to take the 10K from Amy's trust fund to do it. Too much risk. Nick isn't so quick to accept the offer but Tracy's threats are pushing Carla into pushing Nick. She had Nick considering it, if there were no other offers and in the meantime, Tracy's really twisting the knife. I really don't buy it. The Carla we know and love would never let anyone push her around. She'd have told Robert what his beloved was doing long ago and confessed to Nick who probably would have forgiven her, knowing how self destructive she can be. But it's gone on too long now.

Anyway, Nick keeps telling Leanne he would rather be selling to her but she doesn't have the money. She talks about it as security for Simon's future. I thought that was why Peter bought the betting shop? Then again, he didn't do so well with that in the end and the rent Tracy and Anna are paying is for Simon's upkeep. There's probably not a lot getting saved or invested out of it. But wait! Ken has decided to use Simon's share of Deirdre's inheritance to put into the pot towards the restaurant. That's something he didn't do when Tracy wanted the money. I think that little chat in the shop probably cemented his resolve. Tracy only thinks of herself.

Leanne's right to be a bit worried, though. It's easy for a restaurant to go under even with good management in this day and age. She managed to get the ok from the bank, with Ken's backing behind her and made the offer which shocked Nick because Carla had just finished convincing him to accept Robert's offer now. They shook hands on it but Leanne's offer threw a wrench into things. Tracy freaked out, Robert was flustered and he thinks Nick will sell to Leanne. End of. That won't stop Tracy, oh no it won't. More pressure, more blackmail. Why oh why doesn't Carla just tell Nick the truth, or, barring that, go to Robert.

Nick is torn, he doesn't know who to sell the Bistro to and Carla's not really pushing him one way or the other. Robert and Leanne establish mutual admiration for each others' abilities and Robert, having tried and failed to raise any more cash, suggests to Tracy that he convince Nick to sell half to him and half to Leanne. That would still make Robert the majority owner when taking his 20percent into account but Tracy won't have it. In the factory, Ritchie O'Driscoll has just sent Underworld 30K as a deposit and Carla nicks 10K of it to her personal account. She hands that over to Tracy but Johnny has already busted her. What's she going to tell him? How's she going to get out of this one?

Izzy was in a brighter mood for a few days but it's back to the pain again, it seems. She's run out of her illegal medical "supply". Erica's mate/supplier has left the country so Izzy is reduced to buying in a pub, a rough one and she went alone. Desperation shows and she got ripped off. It does seem odd that someone would have bags of oregano on hand just in case they encountered a naive newbie, though. At least she didn't try to smoke it before she figured it out! Still, Gary knows her well. He could tell there was a problem even if she didn't admit it.

Izzy ended up calling in sick, getting rude Aidan at first and then understanding Carla. Gary is more and more concerned and so he should be. Izzy went to confront the oregano dealer at the pub. Stupid move. At least she called Gary to rescue her. He wasn't very understanding, at first. Mind you, she doesn't have to smoke it. She could bake it into brownies as long as she keeps them out of Jake's reach.

Izzy then pulls another sickie and Gary has promised he'll get hold of some weed for her though the mate he had told her about isn't contactable at the moment. She's worried it's putting him in a dodgey position but he insists he's going to help her. What a guy! You know where I see this heading? I think Gary might move back in to help her. Maybe this will lead to them getting back together.

Tim isn't, in fact, taking to being a business owner like a duck to water. I think Steve might need to come back sooner than later if he wants a business to come back to. Meanwhile, Sally continues to change her stance depending on who her audience is, in order to persuade another voter to her side. That's going to come back to bite her, mark my words, and it didn't take long, did it? Both sets of voters that she'd shared different opinions with confronted her in the pub. Oops.

This Rana seems to be an incorrigible flirt and a schmoozer. I'm not sure if I like her, yet. She's a nurse. We have a medical centre on the Street. Corrie soap law says nearly everyone has to have a job on the street and guess what? Rana is going for an interview at the medical centre. No prizes if you guess that she's going to get the job.

Sinead is still modelling. Chesney's developing a bit green-eyed. He doesn't do well with change and I expect he thinks his world is going to change if she starts a modelling career. Michael doesn't trust Phelan and Eileen seems to be blindly falling under his spell. Sounds like Carla is encouraging Kate to get to know other parts of the business besides the packing end of it. Simon's back. I guess Ken must have stayed in Portsmouth with him. Simon seems a bit more pleasant but he's still not really ready to go home again. Mary has persuaded Erica and Liz to go out on the town and they get their hair and nails done at the salon. In a lovely little scene, Mary thanks Erica for being her friend. Awwww. Mary is now done up all glam and seems determined to have a great night out. This could end badly, with Mary on a man hunt. She'll scare them!

Sarah has discovered that Bethany has been cutting school, lying that her great gran Audrey has died! Er no, quite alive and healthy, thanks. Sarah's now fit to be tied and worried. What's Bethany been up to? Elsewhere, Gail and Audrey are going to the gym together with Audrey sailing along on the cross trainer, but with Gail in slow motion, struggling. Turns out Yasmeen played a little trick and increased the level considerably. That's actually not very funny is it? I did wonder why Gail didn't notice the level set on the machine or asked someone why it seemed to be so difficult. Audrey was smug that Gail is always quite sedentary but Gail does cleaning for the Bistro (and the gym? not sure about that) so she actually gets quite a bit of exercise, probably more than Audrey who does stand for a living but the only iron she lifts is scissors, not a heavy mop and bucket.

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