Monday, 12 June 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for June 5 - 9

Shoe Shock award: The definitive clue, or so Ken thought. The red shoes are Adam's!

Musical Ambiance: Lost Boy by Ruth B. playing when Toyah was accusing Nick of being a bully after previously telling Leanne he was as much of a baby as Oliver. Lyric that struck me : "Run, run, lost boy, " they say to me Away from all of reality"

Cards on the Table award: Daniel for standing up to and threatening Adam if he causes Sinead to get into trouble.

Cry Wolf, er... Duck award: Norris was faking his injury.

Cone of Invisibility award: Adam grabs Daniel, punches him in the stomach and loads him into the boot. In broad daylight. On the street (Ok, round the corner on Viaduct street by the door of the flat but it's facing to the Bistro). Nobody sees. Nobody.

Superstition award: Brian got all bothered when Roy used a knife to stir his tea. But if Brian had done the dishes when he was supposed to, it wouldn't have happened.

WTH award: Why on earth, if Daniel hasn't lived in or paid rent on a flat in nearly 6 months, is the landlord JUST NOW come after him to paint the walls?

Lines of the week:
Mary "You were attacked by a couple of ducks, Norris,not a pack of wolves"
Mary "There's something else. A smell. Hotpot. And Destiny"
Adam about Sinead "Can't tell if she wants to sleep with me or murder me" (Oh I can tell you! Looks *can* kill!)
Steve about the pub "If these walls could talk, they wouldn't be short of something to say" (ain't that the truth!)
Brian "Stir with a knife, stir up strife"
Nick "I want Steve to lose the pub but not if Peter gets it" (The words Up and Grow come to mind)

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