Friday, 2 March 2018

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards Feb 26 - March 2

Perfect Reaction award: Daniel didn't hear another word Sinead said once she'd taken her coat off.

Scavenger award: Jude nipped Craig's roses out of the bin before they even had a chance to drop a petal!

Crime Pays award: Michelle and Robert are on their financial feet once again.

Heartless award: Why on earth did Michelle and Kate laugh at Robert? (see lines of the week below)

Lines of the week:
Robert "You never know what's round the corner. Makes you want to live every day like it's your last" (so why did Michelle and Kate laugh at him?)
Bethany "Have some self respect, Mum, you're like David the dog when he sees a bone"
Sean to Tyrone "You're not the first straight man I've tempted over to the other side and you won't be the last"
Michelle after the fun run "That was more painful than getting me bits waxed"
Gail "Compromise is the key to a good relationship. You need to meet in the middle"
Mona about the pool/canal "I very much doubt there's anything alive in there" (You'd be right)
David to David the dog "Don't worry pal, you might not be the tallest, don't mean you're not the hardest!"
Daniel "As pretty as that is, I reckon it looks better on the floor"
Carla "Welcome to the family" Robert "Now try saying that without sounding like a Mafia boss"
Billy "Suddenly, the homophobic old granny doesnt seem like such a terrible option"
Liz "Are you calling me a gossip?" Steve "The High Priestess of tittle tattle!" Liz "and you don't exactly block your ears
yourself, do you?" Steve "Well, I'm a people person"
Johnny to Carla "You do realize you're a magnet for oddballs"
Steve about Tracy "She's the Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Complete Nutjobs. She scares me half to death sometimes but it works. ish."

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kib said...

I don't think Michelle and Kate were laughing per se, just a sort of 'what's with him'?

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