Monday, 19 March 2018

Corrie Canada Weekly awards Feb. 26 - March 2

Boxes Ticked award: Billy's an instant heroin addict. He looks unkempt with black circles under his eyes, he's rude and he throws up in the sink for good measure. The writers seem to have covered all the bases and ticked all the boxes on the "I'm an addict" list, haven't they?

BirdWoman of Alcatraz award: Yasmeen is still keeping the chickens.

Fashion Award: Rosie's Pink mini dress and fluffy coat and laptop cover. But apparently, the town of Warrington didn't appreciate it.

Lines of the Week:
Rosie "This outfit was wasted on Warrington"
Yasmeen "Those chickens were hungry, they went mad when they saw the food. If they weren't caged it would be like a scene from The Birds"
Audrey"Anything must be better than showing what you had for breafast in some seedy lapdancing club"
Liz about Moira "That woman takes bitterness to a whole new level"
Leanne "Nothing I like better than a bit of paint porn" (DIY queen in the making?)
Geraldine "I haven't come to cause trouble" Eileen "Yet it still seems to follow you around"

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