Monday, 12 March 2018

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Feb. 5 - 9

Throwback award: Demon David is back!

Open Mouth Change Feet award: Michelle telling her abandoned son that family means everything to her.

Guilt Trip award: Roy for succumbing to his mother's demands. Billy for contacting his brother again because Summer's schoolwork is suffering for her looking after him.

Explanation Street: There you have it. Carla did still own the majority share of the factory.

Mouths of Babes award: Max told David he smelled like Audrey at Christmas (i.e. all the alcohol)

Underestimation award: Jenny isn't jealous of "It's Only Liz" but I think Liz is worthy competition in anyone's book.

Ace in the Hole award: Kevin looked scared when Gemma challenged him to darts. No wonder. All that time she has spent in pubs over the years has paid off!

Lines of the week:
Jenny "I've booked flights! I've even bought a trikini!"
Phelan to Eileen "There are only two types of people in this world. Those people that stand by you while others walk away and those people that break your heart. They've gotta be cut loose. Permanently." (oh very passive aggressive, isn't he?)
Tracy "I am carrying flowers for a woman I would have gladly buried a few years back. Trust me, I'm showing the love"
Tracy "Roy, you really have to work on your happy face!"
Max "You smell" David "What do I smell like?" Max "Like Audrey at Christmas" (HA! good one!)
Jenny to Liz "Do they do wellies with high heels?" (if they do, Liz will have a pair)
Josh "If you're thinking of doing anything stupid, I'd be happy to lend you a hand"
Michelle to Aidan "Ehhh, all right, R'Kid(ney)!"
Liz "Eileen might have a long reach but trust me, I've picked up a few moves over the years" (I'd bet on Liz)
Gemma "What do I know about hygiene? This Bra's been on since Friday"
Nicola "For an incredibly smart woman, you're pretty stupid"

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