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Sunday Comments March 4

I notice Jude was pretty quick in confiscating the roses that Craig threw in a bin! But they were hardly there more than a minute and weren't crushed. Much. At least Angie appreciated it.

There's apparently a couples fun run for charity in addition to the upcoming boxing match for charity. Kirk is running in it. Tyrone is not because Fiz is not going to be home. Sean, meanwhile, is making himself indispensable around the house with fancy poached eggs and he's very handy with the girls' busy schedules. So is it really Ruby that cut up his knickers the other week and deleted his phone messages?

This fun run seems a bit of an oddity but Mary put them all through their warmup paces anyway! A few of the runners really struggled. Kirk got himself locked in an outdoor cludgy and missed it altogether. Robert came in ahead of her so that when she crossed the finish line, he could go to his knees and proposed to Michelle! Well of course she said yes!

Sounds like Robert and Michelle are back on their financial feet. Why not? Who actually said crime doesn't pay? Anyway, the two of them are running in this couples' fun run today, Valentine's day, as well. Kate comes in to work and they discuss Carla's situation. Robert can identify, saying things like that make you want to live every day like it's your last. Michelle and Kate laugh. I can't think why. He's right.

David is starting to take his training seriously, but if he is worried about carbs, shouldn't even "just beans" be off his menu, too? Josh is training Maria and Shona both

Eva's plan is to find a place to stay away from Manchester but to tell Adam she's going to America on a beauty course. Easy peasy, I'm going with you! Oh crap. So she ends up giving him the impression she doesn't want him to go and lets him assume the worst, that she's got another fella. Peter takes her to task for breaking Adam's heart and just when she's about to confess all to him, she finds him in the flat with another woman, someone he'd probably hooked up with via one of those types of apps. She gets back to the pub just in time to stop Toyah from telling Peter the truth so the lie gets carried on a bit more. This is tedious.

Because Adam had switched his pain meds for ordinary paracetemol, Billy thinks he needs stronger and stronger stuff but the doctor says he's on the strongest they'll let him have. And yet, Izzy must have something at the same level because when Billy finds out she has a new prescription, he nicks it and it must have worked because he got himself to a prize presentation at school for Summer.

Poor Summer's wearing herself out doing all the housework while Billy is recovering. She's missing all the fun with her new friends. Billy is not quite so chirpy the morning after he had some of Izzy's pain pills but when he went to get more, he found they went through the washing in his hoodie pocket. Summer hadn't checked. He's texting Adam for help while Summer is in school and we find out that her schoolwork is starting to suffer. Her teacher was quite kind trying to help but Summer was not going to say anything especially when she found out her grandmother has been in touch with the school.

Adam isn't so happy to see a loved up couple on the doorstep though. He's feeling pretty rejected about now. When he tells Imran, Rosie and Mary that he's been binned, they reckon he'll find another little fishy in the sea soon enough but he doesn't look like that's such an attractive prospect at the moment. In the cafe, Eva pretends to Shona that she did have the termination. Eva's about to go talk to Billy but Adam comes in and she sees him hand over a bottle of pills to Billy.

Later, Eva rang the bell for Billy but got no answer. Knocked out on Adam's pills maybe? No but not looking too fit for company either. He's really struggling and taking more pills than is good for him. Eva went to Eileen's to find the spare keys while Eileen called Summer but told her not to worry. Sure enough, Billy is out like a light. Summer runs for the bus but misses it. A strange man pulls up and offers her a lift. Surely she knows better! Yes she does and who comes along but Pat Phelan and he's going to report the man.

Back at the flat, Eva and Eileen must have found the keys because they're in the flat and have found him. Eva has his pills and is reluctant to give them back. She's determined to get to the root of it, Adam and she tears a strip off him and Peter overheard and he's the only thing that stopped her going to the police. Adam admitted he needed revenge so as not to let his mother down. Adam promised he wouldn't give Billy any more pills. Geraldine is in contact again and this time Adam tells her she should back off. Billy finally admitted he's addicted to the painkillers. Eileen and Eva promise to help him. I don't know anything about addictions to anything like this and I'm sure Billy's in a lot of pain but man oh man if that's withdrawal from pain pills, getting off heroine must be astonishingly horrible. If Adam had seen the shape Billy's in now, I'm sure he'd think he'd had his revenge. I wonder if Billy getting clean is going to stick?

Meanwhile, Eileen and Eva continue to take shifts looking after Billy who really does look awful! She has to go to work for a bit and when she does, Summer slips up the stairs and finds Billy in an awful state. They've already told her he has the flu and if you didn't know any better, he does look like he's got the worst one ever. She wants to help but he sends her to get Eileen and then takes advantage that the door is now unlocked and gets himself together and escapes. (Izzy's chairlift is still installed in case you wonder how he could manage the steps)

The next time we see Billy, he's at the church lurking outside. He's called someone to help and that turns out to be his bother, Lee, the one that was a junkie. He begs Lee for help for the pain he's in. Oh dear.

Craig is still hanging around outside the club so he can keep Bethany protected. How he worked that out I don't know but his mentor Jess finds him and busts him for it and she then alerts the club that Bethany is under age. Bethany gets sacked and is very angry indeed.

Bethany and Craig are facing a make or break lunch discussion. But the poor lad is so obsessed with even numbers on the clock, on the oven dials, and more, that he's tied up in knots. Will he even get to the restaurant? I guess it's not make or break, just "break". Bethany blames herself for his behaviour, thinking she pushed him away. Craig finally made it out of the flat and over to see Bethany and he can't explain his obsessions so she's going to take it on herself. It's over. For now anyway. But at home, Liam catches him at his rituals so he tells the lad he has to keep everyone safe. Naturally, a little boy decides he can help by doing the same things. Bethany tells Craig she's going to work back at the salon. He's pleased to hear it.

At least Carla was pleased about Michelle and Robert's engagement. But she's stuck in a bed and there's a danger she's going to end up being an agony aunt with everyone going to see her with their troubles. First Daniel and then Sinead came in at Carla's request so she could play matchmaker. She bought something for Sinead to encourage her, red and shiny and it had quite an effect on Daniel, as expected.

It's come to the day where Aidan and Carla are having surgery. Aidan is bundled into a cab accompanied by Johnny and Kate with a wave off from Jenny who never does seem to manage the appropriate thing to say, does she? Aidan says he's not nervous but he looks a wreck. Aidan goes into surgery first and Carla kills some time playing scrabble with Roy. Johnny is a bit choppy with Roy, clearly a bit jealous of Roy and Carla's closeness. Once she goes into the operating room, they all have to find ways to wait the hours.

Even though Sally really doesn't want to leave her life in Weatherfield, she tells Tim she'll go with him and they'll find somewhere else. She'll even resign as Mayor. This all hinges on Phelan. Do we think it might be wrapped up in time so that they don't have to move away?

Phelan is crossing swords with a project manager, Mona, who, along with the developer for the Mill project, have changed the plans to build 10 more flats but to do that, the water feature on the land will have to be drained. That, you may remember, is where the bodies are "buried" and Phelan tries his best to talk them out of it but no, he's ordered to do it within 6 weeks or he'll be replaced. I guess that's our timeline for the big reveal then. Meanwhile, Nicola has moved into Eileen's, leaving Seb on his own at her flat. Gary is hanging around a lot hoping to pick up any clues or evidence against Phelan.

A nice looking young man arrives in a posh car (Audi). He turns out to be the new doctor at the medical centre. She recognized him straight away. Alex, that is, Michelle's biological son Alex Neeson though he prefers Ali. All the news in a nutshell, Michelle doesn't know he's there and they haven't seen each other in years. Of course not. ITV has been hoping we'd all forgotten that whole sorry story. Alex doesn't seem too keen to get in touch with Michelle either. He feels put upon that he barely got a card from her but it goes both ways.

Dr. Alex doesn't want Michelle to know he's in the neighbourhood. Kind of puts Liz in an awful spot but fate had other means and ways and Michelle landed in the medical centre under her own steam with a bad cut. Michelle was utterly shocked. Liz is interfering, trying to get Ali and Michelle talking at least but he steadfastly refuses to have anything to do with Michelle. He got out of the way as soon as he could, leaving the regular doctor to finish up. It's quite a dilemma,what would you do? Michelle decides to brood about it.

Ali does come over to the cab office to say hello to Steve who invites him for a drink at the pub at dinnertime but Michelle is not invited. later in the pub, Michelle and Robert come in and Michelle is distracted to see her son and ex together in a booth. Robert encourages her to go over but when she does, Alex gives her the brush off so she ends up running out of the pub crying.

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