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Interview with Jennie McAlpine: Are Fiz and Tyrone on a sinking ship?

(This post was originally posted by Tvor on the Coronation Street Blog in March 2018, reposted to this blog with permission.)

Why has Tyrone and Fiz’s relationship become so fractured?

They have fallen out because whilst she has been away Tyrone has been telling her that everything is fine at home. Ruby has been really well behaved, her behaviour has improved and then Fiz has found out that Tyrone has been lying and Ruby has been badly behaved. Gemma knows, Sean knows, everyone but Fiz knows. So she is angry at him for not telling her but also tells him that he needs to get help for Ruby.

How does Tyrone react to that?

He says he doesn’t think it is necessary she is only 5. Fiz says that if he doesn’t she is going to move out and go and stay with Chesney as she doesn’t want Hope under the same roof as Ruby.

Is this problem made worse by the fact that they both have their own children by other people and are trying to bring them up as one happy family?

Yes it is really hard because they are both trying to prove they love the children equally but Ruby is Tyrone’s daughter and Hope is Fiz’s and Fiz has basically said to Tyrone that she won’t risk having her daughter in the same house as his daughter. Fiz thinks if it was the other way round she would be feeling exactly the same and she insists that she loves Ruby.

Does Fiz think Ruby’s behaviour is down to her mum being Kirsty?

Well for Fiz there is no denying that Ruby has this mother and how do we know she hasn’t got these traits off her mother, which is awful for Tyrone to have to think about. Obviously Fiz is conveniently forgetting here that Hope’s dad was a murderer, but then they don’t think Hope is the problem here.

What makes her think they should make a go of it?

They talk, have a heart to heart and they agree to try and sort things out. Fiz is grateful and agrees to move back in unaware of what Tyrone has done the previous week.

Then she makes a shocking discovery?

Yes she is taking some washing out of the washing machine that Tyrone has washed. She is impressed he has washed the bedding but then she finds a condom wrapper. Her first thought is that it is Sean and she is not happy he has had someone round in her house and has to have this embarrassing chat with Sean.

How does Sean react?

He is mortified and says ‘absolutely not, I have never brought anyone back here nor would I do’. He says he respects Fiz and Tyrone and the family. So at that point they both start thinking and there is only one awful conclusion that they both come to. And that is not thought that either of them want to have and it would never have even entered Fiz’s head.

How does she react?

She never thought for a minute that it could be Tyrone’s until she has the conversation with Sean, she believes him so then she has to face up to the fact that it must be Tyrone’s and she tackles him about it straight away. Fiz is like that she doesn't pussy foot around things, she speaks her mind. Tyrone and Fiz have gone through so much to be together and have always been honest with each other till now. The dishonesty and betrayal is the shock for her. She is absolutely blindsided by it and can’t believe that he could do that to her.

How does Chesney react?

Chesney feels betrayed by both Gemma and Tyrone. Fiz has been suggesting to him that Gemma might have a bit of a thing for him and Chesney was possibly starting to wonder about making a move with Gemma.

What reaction are you expecting when people find out what Tyrone has done?

Myself and Alan have a bit of a bet on who will be the most hated. We thought we might get Team Ty and Team Fiz t-shirts. Fiz will not shut up about the whole Ruby business so people might be on Tyrone’s side for that reason. Some people might think she should give him a break! Or maybe Gemma might get some backlash?

Did you ever think when you went off to Australia for I’m a Celeb that it might lead to this for Fiz and Tyrone?

No did I heck!! This is quite a bomb under their relationship and had I not have gone off it might not have happened in this way. As actors it is great for us to have this change of dynamic in their relationship and for Tyrone to do something that people would not expect.

Their relationship was at breaking point with the Ruby situation and this has totally destroyed them. She thinks the only thing they can do is protect her own daughter and they could end up being two separate families.

Then at the end of the week there is a twist that could change everything?

Yes Fiz spots Hope and Joseph at the top of the stairs and she realises that Hope is pushing him down the stairs.

Does she realise at that moment that she could have got this all wrong?

All in one second she sees what is happening and then has the dawning realisation that Hope is the problem not Ruby! It is a real shock for her to realise that she is wrong and Hope’s response is really worrying because she just says I’m sorry mummy and walks off giving a sweet little smile.

Does she come clean to Tyrone?

No she is guilt ridden and doesn’t know what to do because Tyrone comes round and says he is sorry about missing Hope’s hospital appointment for her cancer check up and that he has been a bad dad and is going to take Ruby for counseling. Meanwhile Fiz is trying to process that it is her daughter that is the problem.

Can Fiz and Tyrone recover from this?

I really don’t know, they have a very rock road ahead, they have both been guilty of dishonesty and it is going to take some time to get over all of this.

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SBDriver said...

Bit of a spoiler in this article. :(

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Yes, would have been nice to have started with a spoiler alert notice.

Daithi_c said...

Possibly it's because we're now an hour behind
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We're now just about a week behind,
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