Monday, 15 August 2011

Corrie Canada weekly awards: August 8 - 12

Gallic Existentialist award: Gold Star: Lloyd and Steve!

I need new shorts award: Gold star: David gets arrested for attempted murder.

Most in need of duct tape for her gob award: Tina.

Spanish weekends last seven days award: Gold Star: I thought Sally and Kevin were just having a weekend in Madrid?

The worm turns award: Gold Star: Graeme finally turns against David. Will he forgive him if it turns out David really wasn't to blame?
Silver star: Ashley is rebelling against Claire. For how long?

What's keeping that top up award: Rosie! (Fashion "Don't",I think)

Yes, that's a step up award: Grotty star: Michelle is going from being a barmaid in a backstreet pub to a PA in a backstreet sweatshop.

Loser magnet award: Sticky star: Maria...What is it about her that she keeps getting attracted to nut jobs even if they do make a charming first impression?

You always defended me in the past award: Rusty star: Gail didn't believe David, makes a change. This time the little boy who cried wolf might be telling the truth.

Lines of the week:
Sophie about Rosie: "Who says feminism is dead?" (sarcastically of course)
Rosie: "If loving yourself was a country, you'd be Africa." Jason "Huh?" (Huh?)
Claire "When push comes to shove, *I'm* the decision maker in this family" (and isn't she just?)
Steve to Becky "Me poodle, you pitbull"
Tina: "NURRRRSE!!!" (Could you not just use the buzzer?)
Kylie bragging about her friend: "And she were the first in our class to get an ASBO" (Great recommendation, yes.)
David: "What do you think I am? Some kind of psycho?" (er... going on past experience? Yes.)
Audrey to David: "This isn't The Fugitive, you are not Harrison Ford and I am certainly too old to be rounding up a posse and chasing you round the country"
Steve to Becky "I am still a catch, you know"
Anna about Kylie: "She's about as much use as a brain surgeon with a twitch"

Gail: "It was a tiny little flicker of doubt" (Back pedal much? I don't blame David for being upset.)

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