Friday, 19 August 2011

Tina's getting on my last nerve

Ok, is Tina getting on anyone else's nerves or is it just me?

When she started on the show a couple of years ago, a gobby, smart alecky teen paired up with David, I really liked her. She had spark and sparkle and she brought out the best in David until she brought out the worst in him. But she's starting to turn into a screechy, mouthy, trashy gobshite. It started when her father died and she was convinced that Gail killed him. She then turned her attitude on Jason and lobbed him off her radar.She's also pretty flippant to Norris, who employs her but then, you can't really blame her for that.

She is now involved with gentle Graham who's just grateful that such a beautiful woman would look twice at him. And, by the way, it also looks like they're turning her into someone that jumps from bed to bed, albeit serial monogomy, but she's not long out of one set of sheets before she's into another. But I digress.

At the moment she's convinced that David tried to kill Graeme in spite of the fact that David actually loves Graeme as a best friend and really has no motive. He finally managed to get over the rage that his best friend was with the woman he still loved (or was obsessed with, at any rate) and was really very sorry that he came over all aggressive with Tina a few weeks ago. She geared up the gob then and it's shifted into overdrive.

I'll grant you that David has done very little to endear Tina to him in the past and it's easy to see why she'd jump to the wrong conclusion in some ways but Graeme was furious with David for trying it on with her and scaring her and he's got far more reason to run David down than the other way around. But Tina hasn't stopped accusing, loudly, and being rude and ignorant and really looking like a lowlife. She's shouting at him in the courthouse after he collapsed, she's hollering at him across the street, she's accusing and branding him non-stop and I'm ready to smack her one.

Not that I condone violence. But it's a soap and it's tv and it's not real life so why can't I be at the head of the bitch slap line if I want to if it's just a virtual one? Join me?




Tiddsmom said...

Gobshite is such a brilliant term. She has a lot of spunk I'll give her that but there is only so much screeching you can take. In reality someone like that would have moved away once dad had died.

Tvor said...

Yes it's a great word! The British have so many better words, like gobsmacked, another of my favourites.

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