Monday, 1 August 2011

Corrie Canada weekly awards: July 25 - 29

White Knight award: Boozy star: Peter can't help rescue a drunken damsel in distress.

Love's Young Dream award: Gold Star: Aww Katy and Chesney are so cute together!

Stupid insensitive Twit award: Gold Star. Eddie Windass.
Silver Star: Nick wanting to call the bar the same as Leanne and Peter were going to.

Who peed in your cornflakes award: Nasty Star: Molly has turned into that grunting snarling troll under the bridge when it comes to Kevin and that baby.

Village Idiot award: Gold star: Kirk and his missing socks. He always makes me smile.

Fashion Don't award what on earth was Ryan wearing? Is he channelling PeeWee Herman???

Lines of the Week:
Sean "Carla can certainly pick'em. From Evil Genius to Village Idiot"
Sally about Doc Matt "He can take my pulse any time!" (pick yer knickers up, Sal!)
Kirk "Is it true you can laugh a woman into bed?" Ty "Depends on if you got your kecks on at the time"
Dev "I take it you're seeking advice on the fairer sex" Kirk "No, i was thinking about women, really" (Doh)
Roy to Chesney "I never had much of a social life when i was your age" (no kidding)


Rebecca said...

Maybe Molly should get an over-reacting award for having a panic attack over Baby Jack's little rash. They better have a defibrilator handy if he ever gets a diaper rash!

Tvor said...

Yea lol but then she's pretty young and lots of brand new mums panic easily

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