Friday, 4 July 2014

After the funeral

(This post was originally posted by Scott Willison on the Coronation Street Blog in June 2014.)

Tina's funeral provoked a number of disparate thoughts in me.  I'm going to just catalogue them as they came to me, and I'd appreciate any input on the questions raised.

1)   A pulpit is the natural home for Rita Littlewood/Fairclough/Sullivan/Tanner.
2)   That vicar was a bit fit.
3)   Since when did Toyah live in Liverpool?
4)   And when did Janice get back from Europe with that bin man?
5)   And under what circumstances would Leanne abandon Simon to a funeral all on his own?
6)   Incidentally, is Simon now 14?
7)   I cannot imagine a circumstance in which Tina would eat Marmite.
8)   Steve MacDonald is the ghost of David Platt's future.
9)   Deirdre emotionally bonding with Eccles made me glad Ken is on his way back.
10) Steph is really quite ace.
11) Luke and Katie: not so much.
12) I wish Steph had recorded that video in landscape not portrait.
13) Where did she get the helium from?
14) Tina's mum was very emotional for a woman who hasn't seen her daughter in about six years.
15) Similarly Gail was distraught given that she forgot Tina was her stepdaughter roughly eight minutes after Joe died.
16) Did Tina's mum know she was chatting to the second Mrs McIntyre?

17) Peter Barlow drinking vodka from his jacket pocket: PURE CLASS.
18) The whole "Peter is drunk and Simon is embarrassed" thing is getting a bit old.
19) Kylie's Krazy Glue Komedy Subplot: no.
20) And her sending the letter to Les Dennis is beyond the pale.
21) Why is their printer in the front room anyway?
22) I sincerely hope Mary learning Mandarin is a future storyline.
23) I also hope Mary and Roy spend entire episodes playing chess.
24) Or digging up weeds in the Tina McIntyre Memorial Flowerpot.
25) Michelle Connor is the most self-centred, vile hag on the Street, and I hope that Rob puts her next on his hit list.  Hopefully next week.

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