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Sunday Comments July 27

A. Why did Rob tell Tracy about Luke and Carla? B. Why didn't Carla throw Ryan Connor back at her? I would have. She did, at least, call Tracy a jailbird, old and embittered. Rob certainly respected Carla for that one and Roy gave her a free cup of tea! And boy, for something that was an embarassing situation, Carla spilled to Rob who spilled to Gob Almighty and Luke spilled to Tyrone who's going to tell Fiz, of course. At least Luke pretended it was Carla that did the rejecting, but Who needs Norris?

I know that Todd likely is still upset about losing baby Billy but trust him to use it against Marcus. Sean overheard Todd making plans with someone named Johnny then lie to Marcus that he was feeling ill. Marcus should have recognized Todd's fake ill symptoms. He's used them often enough to beg off work in front of Marcus. Todd went out on the pull and pull he did, much to Sean's horror and Todd wasn't even bothered if Sean told Marcus as threatened. He did, and Todd pretended he was comforting a friend. Sean forgot to say "With your tongue down his throat?" Oh i wish Sean had called Todd's bluff and called the guy. Todd has been bored with Marcus, why didn't he just let Sean do the dirty work? It was the perfect excuse.

Maria was probably right, Marcus was avoiding Todd seeing him talking to Maria but then all hell broke loose anyway. (see above) Adding insult to injury, Marcus got told off for skiving and suspended! All Todd does is try to tempt him to another late night, which is what got him in trouble in the first place. That didn't work. Get Marcus out of the way to see Liam instead so he can see the new fella. But he's starting as he means to go on, by getting the new fella to pay for lunch. Pattern?

Todd got busted and Marcus is heartbroken and feels as foolish as he ought to. So much so that he's going to leave town. All Todd can do is whine to his mother that he doesn't want what he wants when he gets it and doesn't want to be hurt anymore. Then lied that Marcus beat him though did admit that. He's a pathological liar and a manipulator and has absolutely no redeeming qualities at this point. Perfect for working with Tony who knew exactly which ego buttons to push to convince Todd to work for him and Jason. Somehow I think he was talking about more than just paperwork and drumming up business but to start with, Todd has proved himself and Tony's faith though Jason's not too happy, not trusting Todd an inch.

In the meantime, Marcus had a nice good bye scene with Liam, Maria and Julie and it looks like he's made peace with Maria at least but I have a feeling Marcus will be filled with regret for a long time. Even Todd looked slightly bothered when Marcus got in the cab.

Say what you will about Rob, though, he's a good brother to Carla too, these days. Did you see Rob's face when he saw that bracelet on Tracy's arm? He went even whiter when Steph recognized it as the one stolen from the flat. The police believed Steph and she can identify it to the last charm. Rob has no receipt. Busted. The police are doing a full search of Number 1 and Rob is crapping himself. Peter is mystified but suspicions are hanging more over his head than Rob's. As Carla pointed out, the bracelet proves she didn't do it and even Tracy reminded the police that if she'd done the deed, she'd hardly be flashing the stolen bracelet around.

It doesn't prove Peter did kill Tina, not due to the fingerprints, at least, because Deirdre told the police she cleaned it off. Any prints will not be relevant but the location of where it was found is relevant and Peter was the only previous suspect living there with any motivation that the cops know of. The missing charm off it was found inside the toilet which is not kept locked but it means that it's unlikely someone kicked the bracelet in from the ginnel, under the gate, into the outside loo. The dog scratching at it could have loosened the charm. Rob still manages to turn the police's attention to Peter and away from himself. I don't know, Rob's actions, and how jumpy and tetchy he's been really seem suspicious to me but because there's no obvious motivation, they don't seem to be looking at him.

I like that Steph is still having a lot of trouble dealing with Tina's murder. In so many cases, the aftermath isn't about how it affects friends and family and right now, she seems to be the only one that's giving Tina a second thought at all. Aside from the murder investigation, nobody seems to be bothered until Rita, all of a sudden, gets asks to help Steph pack up Tina's things then it's all running mascara again and Dennis is there to help support her. Not that Norris is happy about it and it sounds like he's been making it his business to undermine Dennis as much as possible.

I think Anna and Owen are starting to suspect that there's a problem between Anna and Izzy too. They don't really seem to have much to talk about. Certainly quite a contrast to Jason and Eva all loved up behind the bar. Finally, Izzy puts it on the table. Everything is changed. I think she also realizes how she feels about him has changed as well. He resisted it, but he seems to realize they're over, too. It's quite a civil split. Or it was until Alya spilled the beans about Gary spending the night. That ticks off Izzy's self esteem on top of the fact that he lied to her and it looks like a pattern to her.

Surprisingly enough, Owen admitted he was wrong and wants Gary and Izzy back together. But Alya, again this week, seems to be stalking Gary as she's always showing up wherever he is. Everywhere! It's almost a drinking game now. There's Gary. There's Alya. Drink!

Anna and Owen still love each other too. Looks like they're making their way back to each other. I'm still waiting for him to apologize to her for the way he treated her. She certainly paid the price for her decision. Anyway, they're going to rebuild things slowly.

Gonna be interesting seeing Michael in the cab office with Gail's enemy Eileen. Michael really shouldn't have told Eileen that he was Gail's burglar. Eileen could hardly keep the glee from her face! But Michael will defend Gail to the end. But when he turns up with a new television, Gail's worried he picked it up off the back of a lorry, suspicions aided by David's constant nagging about it. Michael showed them the truth, though, he had the receipt and he did understand why Gail doubted him. There's definitely a spark there.

Funny watching Eileen and Gail battle over Michael, spilling lots of cats out of bags. Not sure a reset button works with Gail's past mistakes, she keeps making more of them.

Kylie did what she wanted to do and booked the tickets to Barbados and sod what David wanted. That and a mountain of luggage when all they're really going to need is a few tshirts and shorts and bathing suits. I suppose most of it is stuff for the baby, though. David's not happy leaving Gail to her own and Michael's devices but off they go anyway.

So yeah. Faye decided it was time to wear makeup to school. She'd be late if she took it off! So Owen just orders her to take off the lippy. Really? I'd have gone for the eyes, myself. Out the door she does, and you know darn well that lippy would have stayed on. Turns out she has a crush on an older lad. That's why the makeup.

There have been some changes to the way they film. I notice we're seeing other sides of the rooms that we have not seen before. We saw Gail's wall, the one opposite the sofa a week or so ago and this week we saw the side wall of the cafe which we've never ever seen!

Maddie's back from seeing Ben in Cornwall but she's in a miserable mood. Is it just because she is missing Ben who's happy as Larry living with the new family in a nice new place? Or is there more to it. I guess we'll find out soon enough.

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