Friday, 25 July 2014

The View from the Other Side

In addition to little differences between the old and new studios including extra windows and doors, I've noticed lately that there's other additional changes. They've ported over the old sets and/or recreated them but they've added on to some of them. Of course, the walls on all the sets are moveable to make way for the camera but some of the interior sets we always see from at most maybe two different angles. That "third" wall or... in this case, the "fourth" wall is never or rarely shown.

We do occasionally see the front wall of the Kabin but not very often  the wall with the magazine racks. We also occasionally see the Rosamund Street side interior wall of the pub though I don't think we've ever seen the wall in the back room in front of the table. We almost never see the wall opposite the sofas in most of the living rooms of the houses or the angle in the corner shop that faces the cash register counter. Most of the sets that I've ever seen are erected with three walls, the fourth free for the camera and crew and that's, of course, most logical.

But, in the past couple of weeks, we've seen some new walls. Not long ago we saw the one opposite the Platts' sofa when Gail was working on her letter to Michael and this week we saw the fourth wall of the cafe behind Maria. They've obviously built some new moveable pieces to those sets to vary the camera angle.

The cafe wall, in particular,  is interesting. It always looked like the cafe was fairly spacious, more than the exterior space would allow. There is a few tables to the left of Roy's counter as you face it and the camera was usually beyond that. When we saw Maria talking to Marcus on Friday night's episode, we saw the wall and the fact that the tables are right up against it. I loved seeing that and it made the cafe interior feel a lot more realistic.

It's a small caff and there would be tables placed that way, against the wall. I've been on the set and the rest of the cafe really is small. I've seen takeaway shops bigger! It amazed me how the actors can move around the furniture without knocking chairs over or bumping into each other all the time.

I'm all for seeing what we've been missing all these years. From the days when Number 5 was owned by Ivy, we know there's a fireplace against the unseen wall there. I'm going to be watching closely to see if they've given us any other new walls and angles! 

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