Saturday, 5 July 2014

Corrie's funeral fisticuffs

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in June 2014.)

It might just be me but it really does feel that no Corrie wedding or funeral can take place without a good old punch up. I don't have specific stats on this claim but I struggle to remember a Weatherfield hitch up or send off that hasn't involved a touch of theatrical violence, a threat or a raised stiletto.

 And here we go again this evening as the increasingly turgid triumverate of Peter, Rob and Carla circle Tina's grave like glamorous back street vultures. Either Peter punches Rob or Rob punches Peter, but whoever it is, a brawl ensues and arrests will no doubt follow. 

Can't we just have one church-based scene without an accusation being volleyed down the aisle or wronged loved ones leaping across the pews for a heated debate in t'vestry? I do love a bit of heightened tension but I actually think it would be quite novel to have one of these ceremonial events chug on to completion without intervention from the inept local constabulary. 

You would think by now the residents of Coronation Street might think twice before wading in with fists flying before Liz has managed to put the pork pies on the plates back at the Rovers. Also, with just a small nod to reality, would punch ups and brawls really take place during nuptuals and wakes? 

Anyway, I look forward with a certain amount of doom-laden relish to Tina's funeral this evening.

So what is your favourite Corrie wedding punch up or funeral fisticuffs?

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