Monday, 28 July 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards July 21 - 25

Best Reaction Ever: Loved Eileen's expression when she found out how Gail and Michael met!

Hypocrite award: Tracy slagging Carla off about "picking up teenagers". Ryan Connor, anyone?

Passive Aggressive award: Todd wouldn't actually break up with Marcus, he cheated on him and let Sean spill the beans so Marcus would do the deed for him and Todd could play victim.

Foot in mouth award: Alya thought Izzy and Gary's split was due to Izzy finding out about Gary's night with her. It wasn't. But she knows now.

Fashionista award: Loved Julie's red polkadot dress.

Pants on Fire award: Todd pretended his "friend" slept on the sofa and he was only comforting him because his dad had died. Why didn't Sean point out the comfort of having someone's tongue down your throat on the way out the door in the morning? Tracy lied about where she got the bracelet.

More Fool You award: Marcus thought wrecking things with Maria was worth it for Todd's affections. He was played the whole time.

Keep Cool award: Rob was bricking it when the police got involved but Peter has more reason to be worried. Rob just needs to keep his cool.

Drinking game award: Alya is turning up everywhere Gary is, even in the background of shots. It's getting to be a joke.

Musical ambiance: "I would die for you" playing when Steph, Luke and Katy were talking about Tina and Peter.

Neighbourhood Nosey award: Norris of course, Nothing to do with being a neighbourhood watch coordinator. He just wants all the goss.

Jackass award: The cross eyed donkey in the snowglobe looks surprised. Steve reckons it's surprised because it's never seen snow before. (HA!)

Lines of the week:
Carla to Tracy "I don't get what he (Rob) gets out of being with an old embittered jailbird like you!"
David "Mom, are you genuinely stupid or is it just an act?"
Gail about Michael's evidence "Why didn't you show me this before?" (Because it's not something you carry around with you, is it?)
Norris to Carla "So you think that a cursory knowledge of triathalons will win you a new order?" (Can't hurt)
Carla to nosy Norris "I know something that's pretty crucial to the murder investigation" Norris "What's that!!!???" Carla "I didn't do it!" (That's told him!)
Marcus to Maria "I wouldn't have wrecked what we had if it wasn't worth it" (Idiot. It wasn't, was it?)
Norris "You can't lip read can you?" Luke "You really got nothing better to do than poke your nose into someone else's business?" (You're new here, right?)
Todd "Looks like I've been saved by my own mother" (Are you new here? She'll crucify you once she gets you inside!)
Todd "Whenever I get what I want I don't want it anymore"
Tracy "My neck's as stiff as a board" Carla "Well it would be, being solid brass"
Tony to Todd "You didn't just kiss the Blarney Stone, you swallowed it whole" (you got that right, at least)
Deirdre to Tracy "I always hoped you'd be musical" Tracy "I played the recorder at school" Deirdre "Not so's anyone wanted to listen" Tracy "You had tears in your eyes when I played 'Hot Cross Buns' in assembly" Deirdre "Yeah. Me and everyone else" (hahahaha)
Lloyd " I was relaxing in the Infinity pool" Steve "Infinity pool? Fancy doing a lap in one of them!"
Rita about Dennis "He's being supportive" Norris "A noose is supportive, Doesn't mean to say it's good for you!"

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