Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Time for the old Corrie theme tune to return?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in May 2014.)

I make no secret of the fact I still hate the "new" Coronation Street theme tune. I think it's been used for about four years now and it just drives me nuts.

It is simply not a patch on the original, which was used for many years and then inexplicably ditched as we trundled towards the fiftieth anniversary. The old, original theme tune was pitched perfectly for Corrie - it was moody and almost dark in places, very much of the back streets. The new version is like something out of a Disney film in comparison.

My main problem with the modern theme tune is that it strikes the completely wrong note when it follows a cliff hanger or a dramatic moment. It's almost like the theme from a comedy, not a serial drama. The old tune also built to that lovely climax at the end- that too has been lost.

It also feels like a long time since the Corrie theme was played in full. I don't know if it is still used for the omnibus, but these days the end credits seem to disappear amidst a dizzying array of what's coming up next mixed with a jovial and over-long voiceover. Yes, I'll admit it, I'm an old grump. 

Speaking of credits, it would also appear that Corrie has ditched the long-held tradition of closing episodes which feature the death of a character with a black screen and no music. I may be sentimental, but I always thought it was a nice touch and actually added something to the power of the episode concerned. 

I know I'm a bit precious about my Corrie, but I think many of us are. I'd love to see the return of the original theme tune. Do you agree? Here's a reminder of what we're missing....

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