Monday, 7 July 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards June 20 - July 4

Haunted award: Rob might be asking Peter if he sees Tina in his dreams, if he wakes up in a sweat, but it's his own thoughts he's voicing.

 Profound award: Deirdre (see one of the lines of the week below)

 Lost the plot award: Carla. Now she's the one drinking heavily.

 No sympathy award: Andrea is crying and acting conflicted, torn between two men. Bed. Made. In it. Lie.  

Stir it up award: Todd carries a big stick and stirs it up wherever and whenever the opportunity presents.  

Mystifying award: If Kylie agrees that Gail should have nothing to do with burglar Michael, why on earth would she make him think Gail fancies him? Wouldn't that encourage contact?  

Heading for Heartbreak award: Lloyd.  

Fashionista award: I loved Eva's pink dress with the black lace middle on it.

Beligerent award: Drunk Peter was clearly working up to a hissy fit, listening to all the nice things said about Tina at the funeral.  

Betty Crocker award: Tony helped Liz make all the sandwiches for the funeral. Boyfriend points!

 Message in a bottle (balloon): Stef, Luke and Katy sent messages to Tina on the wind.

 Lines of the week: Deirdre "You sound like a wotsit jumping on a piece of roadkill!" Rob "vulture" Deirdre "Maggot!"
Norris "We do operate a pay first read later policy"
Deirdre to Peter "You can't be the poison and the medicine" (oh, very profound, that)
Kylie "Dear mug. Feel sorry for me"
Sean "How many murderers to you know that take time out to go shoe shopping?"
Carla "I gave you everything, Peter. I gave you bits I didn’t know that were there"
Rob to Carla "So who did (kill Tina)? You? The tooth fairy?" (said with a child's blankie wrapped around him)
Anna "I don't know what I feel anymore. Except sad"
Deirdre "Peter. For once in your life. Don't be a coward" (Wasn't she brilliant?)
Peter "Tina destroyed my life" (someone has but it wasn't her, mate)
Ann "I shouldn't inflict it on you. Forgive me" Rob "no, Luv, Forgive me...for not behing able to change things"
Gail "That was Tina. Show her an injustice and she couldn't let it lie"
Leanne about Janice "By the time she finished flirting with him (the doctor) she almost forgot to hobble"

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