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Sunday Comments July 6

So we've got Peter, sober for the moment, worried about Carla but Carla's going a bit manic, snapping at everyone and dragging Eva out shopping and hitting the wine bottle again. Carla then lets slip to Rita that Tina was hit with a blunt instrument. Tracy brings home wine, Nice girl, so Peter ends up out the door, followed by his shadow, Deirdre and then they come across Carla, drunk and bolshy because Dev won't sell her more booze. Plus, because she threw the order out the window, Michelle is advising the factory close for the time being. I guess they have no other order at all at the moment and if that's the case, how on earth are they even staying afloat with only one at a time?  If she keeps on like that, she'll have no factory left.

Peter finally gets to talk to her and what does she do? Order him to bring back vodka and pushed him to drink it with her. I'm surprised, but he resisted until he didn't. They got drunk together and bared their souls. She scared that she's going to prison for a lot of things but not for killing Tina. Rob is furious to find Peter at Carla's and that she kissed him. He's terrified she'll take him back and is determined to get Peter out of her life, and his, by framing him. She's so messed up. She's grieving, she's angry, really furious, betrayed and scared. What's going to happen to her?

Rob is determined to keep Peter away from Carla. Trying to shame Peter into leaving isn't going to work. Using Simon against him is only a red rag to a bull. One step over the line, there. But him accusing Peter of waking up in a sweat after nightmares about Tina? You know that was his own thoughts he was voicing and that turned into quite a powerful scene, didn't it? Raised the hairs on the back of my neck, I can tell you.

Peter won't be run out of town by the likes of Rob. He also thinks he can prove to Carla that he's worth fighting for, that they are. But she rejected him very soundly. Will he persist? Will that be the  push to get him out the door? Nearly. But Deirdre managed to be absolutely brilliant in that scene when she called him a coward and dared him not to be. So on to Tina's funeral.

Carla ends up going because she doesn't want the police to find it more suspicous that she didn't go and talks Rob into going with her, the last place he wants to be but he goes anyway. Peter wasn't going to go until he found out Carla and Rob were going and he started off spiking his orange juice with voddy and staggered into the church because he just couldn't stay away. Nobody said anything but the disapproving looks were enough to cut anyone to their knees! David couldn't hold it in and publically blamed Peter for Tina's death and Simon shouted and cried that he hates his dad.

Even that didn't drive Peter away, he decided to stagger around the cemetery, still hoping Carla would talk to him. Nothing worse than a weepy drunk!  They nearly never can have a dignified funeral on Corrie can they? This was no different. Peter and Rob ended up in a punch up because Peter insists on stalking Carla, Peter and Rob both got themselves arrested. Peter decrying Tina for ruining his life and him ruining hers in return sounds almost like a confession.  The gossip is rife in the pub after. Everyone is convinced that Peter's guilty now. Team Peter is shrinking rapidly to just Deirdre and Tracy against everyone else, a few of whom might have given him the benefit of the doubt before now. 

Meanwhile, Ann was much more composed than I expected. Rob is in a state, too, feeling guilty. Her conversation with Rob about how Tina died didn't make him feel any better, his attempts at trying to make himself feel better by talking to her. Stef, Luke and Katy's little impromptu memorial in the flat was lovely. Loved the messages on the balloons! I like Stef more and more. Tony did indeed prove his boyfriend points by helping Liz with the food, knowing she'd need the support while Michelle was off skiving. Just as well. I couldn't face seeing her scowling through the full hour.

Anna can't bring herself to tell Faye that she's kicked Owen out. Gary wants to help her tell Faye but Anna figures she has enough to do staying focused on Faye rather than worry about Gary getting all upset. Fair point but he just wants to help his little sister, i guess. Faye's trying to get a job and talks Tim into hiring her as an assistant but she takes it upon herself to quite school to do it. Um. Not what I had in mind, says the hapless Tim.

Anna didn't end up having to tell Faye, she ended up telling Owen to live with them but not as a couple. Yeah, like that's going to work. Maybe Faye earning a bit of money might be a good thing, to give her a sense of what things cost. Kids need that and she's the right age for it. Faye is a lot more perceptive than Anna and Owen realize and she knows there's a problem between them once Anna lets Owen back in but at arms' length. Gary and Izzy are spending a lot of time sniping and bickering. This doesn't bode well, does it? Katy and Luke seemed to be flirting in a rather back handed way.

Ann (Tina's mother) asks Rita to speak at the funeral and Rita corrals David into doing it too. That crack Carla made about the blunt instrument has been working its way around the street's ears too, because Beth mentioned it later in the pub so Rita and/or Dennis must have said something, probably to Norris the Nosey. Rita's trying her best to capture Tina's personality in words. David's going to wing it.

Dennis is starting to think Ann's just using Rita and I think so too. Norris just wants to pick fights with Dennis. Shut up, Norris, you've made your position clear. No need to beat the horse senseless. I would like to see Dennis and Norris in a fight. They might both be over 70 but i would bet on Dennis wiping the cobbles with Norris.

Gail has had a letter from Michael the burglar and is endeavoring to write him back a letter to encourage him to change his ways. Kylie and David are alarmed that she'd even consider contact with him! And what does Kylie do? Doctor the letter to make it look like Gail has a crush on the burglar. Which makes no sense because she and David don't want Gail and Michael to have anything to do with each other so if he thinks Gail fancies him, wouldn't he be more likely to get in contact further?

Todd continues to be slimy toad. He bet Lloyd that Andrea wanting an early tea means she's gone off him and won't be persuaded to spend the evening with Lloyd. He did win the bet but more or less leaked the bet to Andrea. If Lloyd had any chance of persuading her to stay with the added perk of the gig tickets, that put that suggestion to bed. Because Andrea went off on one with Lloyd, he goes off on one with Todd who pretends he didn't mean for that to happen. Like heck. Todd carries a bit stick with him and stirs whatever he can wherever he can with it.

Meanwhile, Andrea seems to have pushed Lloyd away and isn't taking his calls. Steve has the landline number which Lloyd thinks is a great idea because she won't see it's him calling. Yes she will if she has call display. And apparently, Steve has it because it's on the student contact list. Why didn't she just give them her mobile number? These days most people do! Never mind. He left a message, telling her he loved her. She pulled the phone out of the wall and texted him a nice message. He's over it now and is going to ask her to move in. Jenna won't like that.

What's going on with Andrea, though. Ah... turns out, she's got a husband who's been working away. But only for three months. She's been with Lloyd a lot longer than that. He must work away a lot. Now she's juggling two men who livin the same city at the same time. Whatever happened to her crush on Steve? Lloyd thinks asking her to move in is a good idea but Eileen and Steve both think it's unlikely Andrea would go for it. She didn't. Jenna wasn't too upset. Andrea gave Lloyd a load of old cobblers for an excuse. Does she feel trapped by her husband? Perhaps. I don't feel so bad for her, sobbing between two men.

Kylie really has her hands full with Max. First glue and then breaking something which caused her to scorch the carpet (Mary's fix for glue was to iron it). Kylie's up to her old tricks, after a hollering match with Gail, she amended Gail's letter to Micheal. Speaking of Mary, wonderful the way she segued from gardening to learning Mandarin!!

Who knew Janice was living back in the UK and did you know Toyah has suddenly decamped to Liverpool? Leanne missed the funeral to take care of Janice who'd broken her ankle but she came back the same day, not even that late in the evening, either. Contrived! Mary's "seize the day" gave Leanne the push she needed to go after Kal again. Loved Mary keeping Roy company with the chess board. Surprised that he kept the cafe closed on a Monday. It's not like the funeral would last all day, people might still pop in for breakfast or afternoon coffees. I suppose it might not be worth the effort. 

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