Monday, 27 October 2014

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Oct. 20 - 24

Ringo Starr award: Todd. (Eileen "You could always form a band and call it Feckless!") Moving Houses award: I understand Carla packing up her stuff to move out of Peter's flat, but it looked like she even took some of the furniture!

Queen Bee award: Rita. Well, she is, isn't she? :)

Pride award: Neither Tony nor Liz wants to be the first to give in.

Fashion Win: I know her coat is covering a baby bump but I loved Eva's short red jacket!

Simile award: Ken likened Norris to a circling vulture.

Musical ambience: "That's the Way I Like It" when Liz is talkng to Eva about Tony.

Reasonable Doubt award: Going on the evidence we've heard, especially some of the big loopholes, If I was on the jury, I'd say there's reasonable doubt.

Lock Down award: We now know there's an exterior door to the flat yet the lads broke in through the cafe and it didn't look like there was any damage in the cafe when Anna got there, just in the flat. I hope Jason changed the locks on the other door, too.

Fashion Fail: Liz running off to the shop in her bedroom slippers? Eileen, yes, Liz, never!

Lines of the week:
Carla "Who needs Alton Towers when you've got the cemetery."
Leanne to Norris "You're giving evidence in a murder trial, not topping the bill at the Bradford Alhambra"
Rob "His son's on trial for murder" Tracy "Been there.. got the tshirt" Rob "What happens in this trial is going to change all of our lives forever"
David to Kylie "I've seen zombies with more life in them than you!"
Simon "Why are so many adults rubbish?" (And my heart breaks for him again)
Leanne on how Peter attacked Nick "With a metal bar" Tracy "Well, we've all done it" (Bwahahahaha!)
Eva "Please tell me you're sleep walking"
Tony "I'll have the usual" Eileen "And then he'll order a drink"
Tony "I'm an open book" Eva "Yeah, an open book full of tall stories"

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