Monday, 13 October 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards Oct. 6 - 10

Evil Eye award: Mary is determined to undermine Dev and steer him and Julie away from each other.

SOPOD award: Even Eileen can tell a phrase of Doom when Lloyd reckons he and Andrea are in it for the long haul.

Pants on Fire award: Tim pretended he'd put in the application form. Well, he did. He put it in the bin!

Workout wonder: Julie's workout gear is bound to give her energy. Bright colours will make you feel more zesty!

Out of the Land of the Lost award: We saw Aadi, Asha, Rita *and* Emily this week!

Tarty award: No, Liz, it's not actually the hair that looks tarty, it's the cleavage!

Sound effects win: The bus picked up Kylie and Eva. Inside the cafe, you could hear the bus engine rattling as it moved off.

Spellcheck Fail: Even spell check would have passed "Dirty Widows". What we need is a Smutcheck.

Lines of the week:
Roy to Tim "You'll get as much nourishment from a good book as you will from anything I will serve you" (I agree!)
Kylie "I want to save my marriage, not blow it to smithereens"
Sean "The only spinning I do is on the dance floor. That's how i get my exercise. Dancercize. Drinkicize. Flirticize. "
Kylie "No more secrets" (get the feeling it's only just begun?)
Mary "I'm a very spiritual person, too, but I tend to keep quiet about it. Genuine people do." Emily "She's a Friend of Weatherfield General but I get the impression the General wishes she wasn't!" (Emily! Back in style!)
Mary "Four hands. Two baby grands. One kind of magic!"
Eileen "Is it just me or is everyone a bit weird today?"
Eileen "Go on. Say something normal" Norris "That blouse doesn't suit you" Eileen "I suppose I asked for that" (well, it made me laugh!)
Norris "I do NOT gossip" (Oh Emily, where did your eyebrows go?)

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