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Sunday Comments October 26

The trial begins. Even Norris and Mary are witnesses and they've stocked up for a long day in court with enough food and snacks for an army. Steve is a bag of nerves. Roy is rock steady and even manages to score a point. When he's called a trainspotter then questioned on how he could have noted Peter's emotional state so well after only a brief moment, he says that trainspotting has given him a keen eye for detail. Take that! Norris is going to put on his best performance which he feels would reflect him personally and was thoroughly disgusted that he didn't get to testify after all.

But first, Leanne had to admit Peter could be violent, attacking Nick with a crowbar (that time in the wrecked restaurant when he found out Nick had lured him to drinking on purpose). Poor Steve. His nerves were shot before he even got on the stand. Nothing he said came out right and what he did say came out very, very wrong and the state he's been in lately, it's just one more nail.

Then it's Carla's turn and Peter doesn't want the solicitors to give her a hard time even though he figures Carla's testimony is going to hang him out to dry. The big thing is, why would Peter tell Carla he had the affair if he'd killed Tina, therefore Carla would never have to know. A good point that the defence made. And she told them what Peter said in hospital and it all convinced her that he wasn't guilty. It might be reasonable doubt. Maybe. But Peter has to testify yet.

He started off fairly cool. Just the right amount of humility, honesty and clarity. But was it going to last through the cross examination? He started getting flustered and seemed to twist his own words around. The prosecution was very good. The evidence is damning. The only piece of evidence that was wrong was his fingerprints on the bracelet *after* Deirdre had washed it but nobody would have known that except her. The defence patched things up and Peter was sincere. The summing up was also good pointing out whatever holes there were in the situation. Another good point about no blood on Peter's clothing or the missing charm. Going on the evidence we've heard, I would suggest there is reasonable doubt. We'll find out soon enough.

Rob managed to wiggle out of attending the trial on day one and got collared with looking after Simon instead. Simon actually had a scene where he really acted his age, 12 going on 13 but it didn't last. Simon who is grieving for Tina and gets Rob to take him to the cemetery where he's curled up on the ground crying (in a voice that's clearly starting to change!) and then later launches himself in Rob's arms (and his head reaches Rob's chin now!) and blames his father.

Rob can't stand it and insists that Peter didn't kill Tina but of course he's not going to say who really did it, is he? Carla was furious he took him there. Later, Simon told Leanne and Ken that Rob told him that Peter was innocent and they looked surprised and worried. Why? Wouldn't you tell a child that too, even if you weren't sure? Rob of course, is very sure. But they worry that it will crush Simon if Peter is convicted, I suppose. Rob was furious at Carla's testimony and you know why, because it adds pressure on him because it's making Carla more suspicious of him.

Rob is backpedalling and doesn't want Carla there to remind the jury of what she said because he doesn't want Peter to get off.

Looks like Jim is making use of that mobile phone he seemed to have had for ages probably. Only now that Liz has brushed him off, he's decided to risk using it.

Kylie is all empty promises. She'll be a better wife and mother and she won't keep taking off to parts unknown. She's saying this while in a very clear drug-hangover and yep, ends up back at the pub looking for another pick me up from Callum though she paid for it this time.

Audrey is having a minor confidence crisis. That little fender bender must have been a bit worse than it seems. Luke spotted the problem and he's charming enough to win Audrey over into a confidence building drive out into the country. Audrey came back extolling Luke's virtues like a love struct 17 year old.

Eva's getting tired of Todd underfoot and finds him a job looking after Barlows Buys during the trial and later, while Rob and Tracy will be on honeymoon. Eileen didn't seem to care that Todd had a job. Liz is busy hoping to ignore the non-existant texts Tony isn't sending. And both of them are as proud and stubborn as each other, stealing looks across the bar, telling people the same complaints about each other. This isn't over.

Tyrone and Fiz have remembered it is soon the anniversary of when Roy and Hayley went to Blackpool and it's bound to be on Roy's mind. And getting mail addressed to both of them doesn't help. That always feels like a kick to the gut. He's really struggling trying to find his way without her. Off to the seaside to scatter Hayley's ashes and though he had a memorial paddle in the water, he couldn't let go. Lovely little bit with the older couple still so happy together but it brought Roy down with a crash.

On top of that, he came home to find his flat broken into and trashed. Never mind that Anna was only gone 15 minutes to get change, how did they manage to do that much damage in 15 minutes? The feeling of being invaded is even more painful to Roy who was in a bad state to begin with.

Here's something else about Roy's break-in. We now know there's an exterior door to the flat yet the lads broke in through the cafe and it didn't look like there was any damage in the cafe when Anna got there, just in the flat. I hope Jason changed the locks on the other door, too.

Carla's moving into her own flat. Why she's boxing up Simon's things as well is a mystery. There are two or three thuggy looking blokes in the cafe today, with Anna mentioning that they've been loitering. And later they were hanging around on the street watching the place. This doesn't bode well, methinks.

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