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Sunday Comments October 5

There's lots of extra corrie this week, gang, this will be a long one...

Todd plays gremlin in the garage, setting off a car alarm and stole Luke's apple from his lunch box. Why did Todd do that? Tyrone seemed pretty suspicious, especially when he suggested that Tony was responsible for the prank as a "message". Really. Not Tony's style. But our dim bulb believed it and of course, it only makes things worse all around, especially when it was pretty clear Tony didn't do it and could prove it. Todd really didn't think that one out and still wants to try to intervene. He's pretty stupid for someone that's supposed to be so bright.

Jason's already losing business. Word gets around. Tony is still trying to pay Fiz and Tyrone off but no dice. Eva and Eileen have decided to have a chat with them instead and that worked. All is well again except Todd isn't going to be back in the family fold too soon because they're all giving him the silent treatment as is most of the neighbourhood. Since Eileen hasn't made him leave and i don't know why not, Jason has decided to go instead, moving in with the lucious Eva. You can't really blame him, can you?

Todd's job hunt isn't going well. He's the neighbourhood pariah. Poor Eileen doesn't know where it all went wrong and it seems like she's got to the end of her rope where Todd's concerned now that Jason's moving out. And really, Jason should be out on his own anyway. He's over 30. He and Eva should rent one of the empty flats, in fact. Did anyone feel sorry for Todd overhearing his drunken mother regret having him? Even just a tiny bit? As much as I hate Todd, no child should hear a parent say that.

Tony tried pushing Todd out, too. Fifty pounds isn't going to get Todd very far...just to the pub to pay for a drink or four. Just enough to get surly with Michael and Sophie in the shop and just in time for Eileen to overhear. Finally Eileen did what she should have done and threw Todd out. Apologies are a bit too late and I still think he's only expressing regrets and being all contrite temporarily to get back in everyone's good books and he'll go right back to being a manipulative dislikeable twit. I really am at a loss as to why Eva would take Todd in, even just for one night, knowing how Jason feels. It's all down to how well Todd can pull on the guilt strings.

Maddie's idea to save Eccles is to stash the dog in Sally's house in their bedroom. Can't believe that Sally wouldn't sniff out a dog in the house! Could be a bit tricky, feeding it and taking it for walks. Maddie's heart is in the right place of course. Amy is still pretending to hate Eccles so there won't be a reprieve any time soon. Turns out Tim is allergic! If he's always been allergic to dogs, surely he'd recognize the signs even if he hasn't been around them too much. Ah but they've been busted and Ken caught them in the ginnel with the dog. Stupid place to go, right behind where anyone could see them including Eccles' owners. There was a big family conference and Amy had to confess. Eccles is safe and they all know that Amy needs a bit more attention.

In other news, Carla has offered Maddie a job for no pay for a couple of weeks as punishment for the thing with the car the other day. Don't know how long this is going to last. It'll either blow up in her face or she'll get a permanent job there just like everyone else. What do you think?

And Kevin's back again. Sally and Tim are swimming along nicely so I hope Kevin isn't going to upset that applecart. He needs to get into that garage and help out since Ty is unable at the moment.Tyrone is bored staying home. Surely he could do something around the garage. Make tea, do the books. Kevin got it right, get Tyrone to man the phones in the office. Sally didn't tell Tim that Kevin was coming back. Tim's in a hissy fit that she didn't tell him the instant she found out. Laughed at Sophie and Maddie taking the parent roles when they started bickering. Kevin had the grace to reassure Tim. That was nice. You could tell he's a bit sad seeing Sally and Tim together but he's keeping his distance at the moment. Even Sophie can tell. Hope he stays away and finds a way to start his own life over.

Yep, Neil had it in mind to wine and dine Andrea, hoping she'd come to see him instead of Lloyd. Lloyd shouldn't have mentioned the police. It gave Neil the idea, didn't it? Who's zooming who, here? Lloyd now has to stay away from Neil. So let's hope there are witnesses every time Neil comes lurking around, like he did, singing love songs pathetically, and Andrea won't report Neil because it would upset this invisible daughter. We had a few episodes that were Neil free though A&L were jumping every time the phone rang. See, the minute Lloyd voices the opinion that Neil has probably given up, he's uttered the phrase of doom and Neil appears soon after. Why do these people never listen to me! They think it would be better not to let him win but I think they should just turn around and walk away. Instead, presenting themselves to him as a couple? Would that work? Probably not though it did rather take him aback. But he's planning to stalk them until he gets her back.

Neil's latest trick is to stage a protest on the roof of the Rovers because he thinks he thinks Lloyd and Andrea have got engaged and hired the wedding planner. Poor Tim was stranded and nobody wanted to cross Liz. Andrea knew darn well she was the only one that could talk to him. And his actions nearly got Andrea killed. Maybe it's finally sunk in. It's only right I hope this is the end of it.

Sounds like Jim really has had a reality check, lots of time to really analyze where it all went wrong. It seems like Steve's visit with his dad went ok, better than I thought it would. I thought it would all fall apart but there seems to be a new understanding between father and son. That was a nice scene, wasn't it? Liz isn't so happy about it but kept quiet about Steve planning to see more of Jim. And really, that was the right thing to do. For all both of their faults, they are father and son. Liz can reject Jim but it's not that easy for Steve to do it but she thinks Jim is just going to suck Steve in again and hurt him. Maybe he will, but Steve is a grown man. Liz shouldn't have been surprised to see the visiting order though seeing that Amy was included is a bit of a surprise, to be fair. (and did you catch Anna trying to eavesdrop from outside when Tony opened the door?)

Apparently there's a gym in the prison and Peter's now working out. Jim got to gloat. He saw his son. Nyah Nyah. Of course everyone seems to be thinking kindly of Jim because he saved Peter's life so now, Jim has to make sure Peter doesn't spill the beans that he supplied the booze or it will turn Steve off him again. So now, Peter has something on Jim. Karma, baby. But Jim is pushing things just a bit too much.

Does this mean war? It does indeed. It's not one Peter really should get into but he's threatened Jim and it's going to get ugly. It didn't take long. Peter's cell was torn apart. I think Clelland needs to apply to be moved because he's going to get caught in the middle. But Peter's ticked off after the cell was overturned and he thinks about making it worse by telling Steve the truth. Instead, Peter did the one thing he shouldn't and told Tracy about Jim supplying him with booze and naturally, that's going straight back to Steve.

Amy is starting to ask questions and it sounds like she's curious enough to want to go to see him but Tracy isn't too keen. Jim the saviour was the reason she agreed. However, as we know, Peter told Tracy and Tracy pulled the permission and told Steve the truth though it seems like she wasn't going to until Steve provoked her temper. It was the best revenge on Jim Peter could think of. I do like how Tracy really does show genuine emotion for Peter and she over anyone knows what prison life could be like for Peter if he pisses of the wrong people.

It was too good to be true, Stevie boy, you make friends with your dad and then find out his connections nearly killed someone. I know. Nobody poured that booze down Peter's throat and if it wasn't Jim supplying it, it would have been someone else but Jim also blackmailed Peter to get his family to visit in exchange for the booze. And if that wasn't enough, Steve tattled to the guard about Jim's activities. I didn't see that coming. The Landlord has been shut down and the war between the two inmates is about to get even nastier and Steve has just had another blow to his soul.

Peter, meanwhile, ended up having to take his punishment like a man, reckoning one beating made them even. I'm not so sure about that. Ken wants to run to the authorities for justice but prison justice is harsh and that would be the wrong thing to do. Peter pretended he wasn't hurt but he wasn't hiding it very well. He's got a body full of bruises. Everyone's blaming everyone else. Tracy, Steve, you name it. Peter shouldn't have told Tracy and Tracy shouldn't have told Steve and Steve shouldn't have told Jim and especially not the authorities. It's done now. Ken blasted Tracy for being selfish not telling him earlier but what would he have been able to do anyway?

Liz no sooner insisted she wanted nothing to do with Jim than Ken decided Deirdre had to persuade her to talk to Jim to lay off Peter. More interference. But she's going anyway, in spite of her better judgement, to help out a mate. Tony isn't thrilled. Neither is Steve and he feels guilty as well. Jim gloated to Peter that his loved one was visiting and threw in a few veiled threats as well. He wouldn't admit to being behind the beating and perhaps he wasn't but he blackmailed Liz into continuing to visit in exchange for him keeping the heat off Peter. Peter was a bit baffled at the turn about.

Katy and Steph were going out on the town but of course Steph gets called to work leaving Luke and Katy at loose ends. Michael is going to try to track his long lost father or other family and it sounds like they joined Facebook, website of miracles, where a possible cousin has turned up. Wait, I think I missed something. When did Gail and Michael take things "upstairs"? Before or after his tag came off? I don't remember this turn of events but if he's heard Lily crying in the night, he's obviously been sleeping in Gail's bed!

Anyway, it was almost too easy for Michael to find his cousin but the bad news is that his dad is long gone and died fairly young, too. The scary thing is that his father had a hereditary heart disease and we've already seen him take a funny turn on the cricket field. He needs getting tested at the very least but he ran off when he was supposed to see the doctor, too scared to face the worst case scenario. These days they can fix an awful lot of things and even if he does have a heart condition, it's likely they can do something about it.

Michael will be sent for tests to see if he's got a genetic heart disorder. Sad way of telling each other they are in love, though. It's a scary prospect (his potential health, not that they love each other). But they're a bit ott with the romantic words in public. Eeek! Get a room you two! Everyone is expecting the worst, why can't they be optimistic? Michael is right to give up the ice cream van though, until this is sorted because he's right, a dizzy spell could be dangerous. He's going to go for the tests and now he's thinking about his estranged son. Sure as eggs is eggs, now that the subject has come up, they're going to cast the characters. That's just how these things work.

Kylie is still struggling and perusing pills. The doctor gave her a new prescription but looked mighty suspicious. Kylie doesn't have much patience left with everything and anything. Working for Nick for the night got her out of the environment that has her in knots but she didn't tell David. She confessed to Eva that she was an addict in the past, though, so I guess it's not such a surprise she slipped and fell back on Max's meds. She's trying very hard to resist, though.

Julie asked Dev out for a drink. But it's not a date. No, really. But it kind of is only they don't know it yet. Mary does, though. Roy has turned 60 and it's the first birthday without Hayley. Always difficult. I liked seeing Kal offer Roy a sympathetic shoulder from one who's been through it. Roy isn't past the point where the edge has come off the pain yet but I think he appreciates what Kal had to offer just the same. Swans for Beth's wedding? She's going to price herself right into the poorhouse and she and Kirky are working all the hours possible to pay for it. Finally, with Craig wanting to pay for his own loaf of bread, Beth realized she might just have to cut back a tad but it doesn't look, yet, like that's going to go too far. Meanwhile Michelle thinks Steve should be an integral part of the wedding planning, including table arranging. Everyone is really polite to Roy. Except Todd. No surprise. But Roy still took pity on him and fed him.

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