Monday, 15 February 2016

State of the Street - January 2016

We've had a pretty good start to the year on Coronation Street. For the most part, I've been enjoying the show quite a bit. OK, Carla being in crisis *yet again* is starting to get old. You realise that's three times in the space of a year, now, that she's taken up temporary residence in Weatherfield General? (January 2015, the bus crash. May 2015, the fire. January 2016, the robbery). Someone called her the Teflon Totty. That might be exactly right! Anyway, Carla continues to deal with her guilt about her fling with Robert and Tracy is boring for England, with her barbs and vendetta against Carla.

Jamie the bully got caught and done for the robbery which also included an assault on Carla. You'd think that Andy and Luke would have to take some responsibility, though, wouldn't you? If they hadn't got Jamie fired, everything would have been OK but there's no drama in that. They had to pull Carla out of the wreckage one more time so Luke and Andy had to go in with all guns blazing. I did love that Steph gave them a very stern talking to. I pretty much love everything Steph does.

Anna and Kevin's new romance was threatened days after it began by the return of a superbly slimy villain, Pat Phelan. Kevin thinks he's a hero but we all know he's feathering his own nest one way or another and Anna is desperate that Kevin not find out that she was forced to sleep with Phelan to keep Gary out of prison and Owen out of crushing debt. Somehow, I think Kevin would understand but by keeping it a secret for so long even though she had every opportunity to tell him, it's going to go exactly how she fears. Meanwhile, I'm loving Phelan's return. He's a villain I love to hate, portrayed by top man, Connor McIntyre.

This month also launched Sally's political career, something I'm enjoying immensely. Mary's heart was broken by her married lover, as expected. Mary now gets to join the Corrie women's club of women who have learned the hard way that married men generally do not leave their wives for their bit on the side. Jenny Bradley is back, shaky and fragile and most of the Street isn't too pleased about it. I'm anticipating good things even if she's only back for a short while.

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