Sunday, 28 February 2016

Sunday Comments February 28

Zeedan was right, none of the coaches or the ref saw what happened but did Simon hurt the other boy on purpose? He says he did but he also said it was an accident and then bashed Ken's car in a rage when Leanne took away the meal out treat. Poor Leanne is at the end of her rope and she believes his admission to Zeedan and has to make a tough decision. She reported him to the police and told them the whole story leading up to the injury to his mate, her heart breaking.

Simon must have figured something was up, at the very least that he'd gone too far because he was sucking up big time the next day. She didn't get the chance to tell him and then it was too late, the police showed up to take him in to talk to him, with Ken by his side. No solicitor, just his old grandad and during the interview, they ended up causing him to lose his temper. Case proven. Now I suppose we're going to get weeks of him hissing insults at Leanne again. There's a turn up for the books, though, someone had some video on their phone that proves Simon didn't do it on purpose. *Sigh* Anyway. The video exonerated Simon and Leanne retracted her statement but Simon is still pretty pissed at her for calling the cops on him. Maybe this will be the wakeup call, though. I certainly hope so.

I'm quite surprised they only sent two officers and nobody from social services and even more surprised they man-handled the kid into the car instead of calling in social services. It was very heavy handed and ham-fisted to say the least. In any case, I really hope this is the end of the storyline, Simon continuing to work with a councellor. It was ok, but i'm done with it, me.

Izzy's in pain on the floor. Nobody calls an ambulance. What? Isn't there a workplace safety rule in the factory? Izzy decides she can pop a dislocated hip back in on her own. What??? Perhaps with her condition, her bones are soft enough? Sean seemed to think this has happened before but I think I'd still be calling an ambulance to cover the workplace insurance issue at the very least. Anyway, Izzy was in pain after that, every day. I would think with her condition it probably takes longer to recover from any injury let alone a dislocation. Anyway, it was her suggestion that cannabis could help but she didn't want to do that. Eventually, coping with the pain was too much and she agreed to let Erica contact her friend that could supply some. The next day, Izzy has done her hair up and seems quite chipper. The dope must have worked.

Eva managed to stop Aidan from calling the police after Jenny finds evidence that someone was hiding out. She did tell Aidan everything after that. Now Eva's trying to find Marta, calling around various homeless shelters, worried because the girl has no money (though she does now have a nice, new, warm coat at least).

Kevin is continuing to patronize Anna and believing Phelan over her accusations. Trouble is, nobody but the Windasses know what kind of scum he is. So where's Gary to chime in on this? He's watching his mother suffer but he's not adding his opinion and it probably wouldn't hold any weight with Kevin anyway. And what business is it of Eileen's to be sticking her nose in? Tim tried to talk to Kevin but as he doesn't know the whole truth, and neither does Tim, it's not really doing any good. It could very well come between Anna and Kevin if it continues.

She promises to settle down and he believes it. But you know Phelan is a very sore spot with her and he knows how to push that spot. In the meantime, they went to the Bistro and ended up double dating with Tim and Sally. That's fine for Tim and Kevin but it was agony for Anna to listen to Sally wittering on. Anyway, she was superbly funny, absolutely a gem! Everywoman, Been there, done that! Priceless! Then, you can always tell when Anna has one drink too many. She gets gobby and doesn't hold back! She certainly told Sally a thing or two.

The newest thing is Eileen complaining about her kitchen cupboards and Jason not having any time to fix them so Phelan acts the big man, gets hold of some old stock a company is getting rid of, and offers to fix the cupboards so that Jason can earn some brownie points. I'm not sure how he thinks the doors are going to be a perfect fit when it doesn't seem like he did any measurements at all, unless Jason let him go in the house while Eileen was working and we didn't see it. Michael, by the way, is apparently useless at DIY.

Remember last week when David was doing Beth's hair and she questioned the hair dye? Well guess what? She's come over in a rash and blames the Bistro food but after all her shouting and threats, it did turn out to be an allergic reaction to the dye, something David suspected. But by the time Audrey figured it out, David admitted it and she backed down, Health and Safety showed up. I am trying to figure out why she didn't go to the doctor for an epinephrine (sp) shot for the allergy, food or hair product being the cause, it wouldn't matter. Even so, Audrey berated David for not doing a patch test. But Beth's rash showed up hours later so a patch test wouldn't have picked that up.

Todd doesn't believe for a minute that Tracy's forgotten all about Carla and Robert's indiscretion. It's also a bit odd that Robert has put Tracy off the sub-duvet shenanigans a couple of times lately. What's that all about? Anyway, he's overheard Michelle planning to invite Carla to a wedding fair at a 5 star hotel on Monday. Turns out that Tracy is going to the fayre, too, and she and Robert are staying overnight. Why did Todd stir things up by suggesting Carla and Robert were doing something behind Tracy's back? If he heard that Carla was going, he must have heard that Michelle was going to invite her, it wasn't a pre-existing attendance on Carla's part. He said it was just to annoy Tracy but it had the required result.

Now, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't I just say that Tracy, in the last episode, said that she and Robert were going to stay overnight after the Wedding Fair? (see above) That's what I remember. But on the day of the wedding fair, Robert's on the phone to the hotel making plans to book a posh suite and asking them to keep it a secret from his wife who is booked in as a vendor at the fair. Tracy's radar is in high gear and she sees tryst behind every corner. She's not pleased when Michelle and Carla appear. She manages to keep Robert by her side for awhile but he eventually escapes to bring in the luggage and then catch up with a friend who is the chef at the hotel. A female friend. Carla leaves the fair a few minutes later, her pain getting bad. She wants a pill and a lie down but Tracy follows her to the room, snatches the painkillers and finally reveals that she knows about Robert and Carla's fling. She's expecting Robert to show up at the hotel room no matter how many times Carla says they're not having an affair.

Sally is talking about an all night bus service. It's actually a good idea and from what I know (without looking it up, so I might be wrong) Manchester doesn't have one surprisingly enough. She even shelled out for some fancy posters that make her look like a Grande Dame! Now she has to decide between Norris and Mary to manage her campaign since Ken bowed out. Thing is, Mary probably would be better in that she has more time than Norris but Norris won the job in the end. He's a business owner, so it looks better and Sally doesn't want to be seen linked to scandal (re: Mary's fling with a married man).

The next big move is to organize a photo shoot at home. Tim tried to hide and get out of it. He'd have been a lot more successful if he'd not tried to hide behind a newspaper in the local cafe. In any case, the photo shoot was hilarious, with Sally setting up all sorts of fake scenes and Tim complaining through it all. Sally's storyline was the only salvation this week. I was gritting my teeth over a lot of it.

Todd is still struggling to to learn his flowers and create arrangements and trying to look sincere which is more of a problem thant he arrangements! Audrey has persuaded Ken to confide in her about Simon! Michelle has a long sob story about Steve forgetting to send her anything for Valentine's day, though did call to apologize. She then tells Nick that Steve was off to a party while she had to work. Are we leading up to something, here? Johnny and Jenny had a drink together, commiserating in their mutual bad day. Chances are, the power that be are going to put them together romantically and you know? It might not be such a bad thing. They might suit quite well. Caz is back for a visit. Sounds like Kate isn't all that forthcoming with all the gossip though she's filled it all in now and introduced Sophie to Caz. Both of them gave each other the assessing one-over, did you notice?

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Anonymous said...

So Leeanne is supposedly retracting her statement. Simon apparently did not attack Kyle but he has attacked Leeanne so that now all that is forgotten? Simon will continue attacking Leeanne until something drastic happens. This storyline infuriates me - I can't stand Simon and he needs to suffer the consequences of his actions! We ended the episode on Friday with him phoning his Dad my thoughts are that he will go and stay with Peter (what about school?) and come back with a new head and a worse attitude. What I hope happens is that Simon goes to stay with Peter and does not return ever. Sorry if I come across as harsh but I am so sick of this storyline.

Anonymous said...

I hope they don't put Johnny and Jenny together. He is Carla's dad and she is 40 so that would make him 60ish and I get the impression that Jenny is younger than Carla. Jenny seems like she wants to be a mother again; is Johnny really ready to have another child?

I think Simon's face is sometimes overacting his anger.


kib said...

Simon never said he took out the other player, it was easily interpreted by Zeedan that way. What he said was "I wanted to hurt him, when they stretchered him off I was glad".

Tvor said...

It was pretty easy to mis-interpret what Simon said, though. Most people would given the state of his anger and what he said.
There isn't a huge age difference between Jenny and Johnny and there have been plenty of couples with 15 - 20 years difference. Many of Deirdre's men were that much older or younger (Samir!)

I think the UK schools have a "half term" holiday, similar to our March Break only in February.

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