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Sunday Comments February 7

At least Tracy hears that it was just one night and it was a big regret. Carla is trying to be high handed and bossy and flips out a bit but he stays calm and cool. None of her arguments and none of her threats scare him. He leaves her in the restaurant on her own, well, neither of them know Tracy's in the back. Anyway Carla decides to stay in the empty powerless Bistro and drink. A bottle of wine and a lighted candle, Carla, aren't you taking a rather big risk? Tracy is in the kitchen upset with her phone conveniently on vibrate so Carla doesn't hear it when Robert texts her.

Outside, Jamie's determined to make Steph pay (rather than Andy and Luke, who were the real targets but since Steph is a woman, it's easier to go after her, proving that Jamie hasn't learned any lessons). Though they haven't seen Steph go in, he thinks she might be in there. Never mind that the chef has come out and they haven't seen any customers go in or out but brains doesn't seem to be a collective thing between the two of them. They've run in (I guess Robert left the door unlocked when he left) and scared the hell out of Carla, pushing her to the floor while going for the till. That's the only thing they can do since Steph isn't there and we all know the till is empty.

Tracy had been eyeing a very large knife until all this happened. Is Tracy going to come to Carla's aid? No she does not, she runs out the back just as one of the blokes comes into the kitchen with his baseball bat to find Steph. Jamie is livid and raging that there's no money and no Steph. Carla's trying to keep her cool but it has to be very frightening. She did take off her engagement ring in case they spotted it. She tossed it in her bag but then they decided to take that and she chased them.

Tracy got home and didn't let on but allowed Robert to go to Dev's for a bottle. That places him outside just as the thieves are trying to get away and Carla is refusing to let her bag go, thus she gets dragged along the street and ends up in an injured heap with Robert kneeling over her. Phelan and Kevin were en route from the chippy, it looked like and Phelan tried to stop the car but they weren't stopping and Kevin pulled him out of the way just in time, just in time for Anna to see it all happen, run over and then realize who the man was. Shock on both sides.

Carla is in critical condition with internal bleeding. Naturally, Johnny's newfound fatherhood has him blustering and threatening the staff. Oh, get a grip! yes, be worried, but you have to let the hospital staff do their jobs. They (usually) know what they're doing! Then Aidan starts bickering with his father in Carla's hospital room. Couldn't you just smack him and tell him to grow up?

I know everyone in the pub heard all the news but nobody thought to go tell Roy so he found out later. Tracy went lurking around the hospital. Did she go there to reveal the secret? She certainly has something up her sleeve. Tracy's phone is what trips her up. She left it in the restaurant kitchen and then it's all lies and cross-lies trying to cover up why she was there and when. She does admit she heard the burglars and did nothing. But there was nothing to say that what happened to Carla was going to happen. Leanne is convinced there's something dodgey and wonders if Tracy had anything to do with Carla's accident.

Tracy is blaming Carla for it all, including the fling but it takes two. I suppose she reconciles it by remembering they were split up at the time. But in that case, there's no reason to hold Carla responsible. It's nothing to do with Tracy if Carla was unfaithful to Nick. Tracy admitted the whole thing to Todd, her new best friend and only friend (aside from Beth). She's now on yet another vendetta against Carla and that's getting old.

Tracy's feeling defensive because everyone seems to think she's responsible at least in part for the breakin. You have to admit that story about the mobile phone does sound a bit strange, like something doesn't quite add up because of course it doesn't. The police have finally had a chance to talk to Carla and though we don't hear what the last thing she thought of to tell them was, it must have been one of the robbers mentioning Steph because at the end of an episode they come to the Bistro to look for her.

Sally is shocked at Kevin and Anna but then remembers why she came and manages to get them all to come running back to the ginnel (not before Anna tells her that Tim knew about them. That's going to bite Tim bad, right?) Anna runs right past Phelan. She doesn't see him but he sees her. The council guys finally back off, telling them they can appeal but he doesn't fancy their chances. Later in the pub, Sally and Audrey trade a few barbs about councillors and their uses and Tim suggests Sally stand for council and the look in her eye was immediate and the light bulb went on. This could be good, you guys! And you know, I think she would be good. She'd certainly be persistent and a squeaky wheel which is often what you need to get something done.

More power to her, as well, for realizing she needs to do some research and get some advice which led her to realize she will run as an Independent. She likes the idea of being a Maverick, does our Sal. She wastes no time starting to drum up support among her neighbours and putting a team together, Ken, Tim and Sophie. I'm loving it already! She wastes no time being overly friendly and complimentary to everyone she comes across from Alex in the cafe to Billy to Norris who turns it around on her and bores her as a response to her compliment about his overcoat until her eyes glaze over. I first thought he bought into the compliment but he knew what she was doing and wittered on purpose to ensure she would give him a wide berth after that. Nice one!

Kevin and Anna tell Faye about themselves and she seems quiet but doesn't seem to mind too much. They go their separate ways later, but intent on meeting up at the pub. But when Carla is dragged down the road in a vehicle, Phelan tries to stop it, Kevin pulls him out of the way and Anna gets the shock of her life. He certainly still seems to be his cocky old self, too.

A bit selfish, though, Anna asking Izzy to come round. Izzy had to get and pay for a last minute baby sitter because it seems Gary is "away" somewhere. Anna's freaking out and I can't really blame her but that secret is bound to come out at some point. Meanwhile, we get to hear Phelan's story since he left us. Worked in Dubai, ex-wife took him for everything he had since it was all in her name so he's starting back over at the bottom. Oh heck, he also told Kevin that he and Anna have history. How much did he tell Kevin? He did scare the wits out of Anna later, and promised not to cause trouble if she doesn't cause any for him. Hmm...

Phelan made himself useful, telling tales on his contractor boss that was ripping off Kevin, so he's getting in there good. What's in it for him, is what I want to know because he wasn't shy of fudging the books when he used to be in charge, was he? He's feathering his nest somehow. Kevin should have gone with honest Jason but then we wouldn't have got Phelan back. And he certainly enjoys making Anna feel uncomfortable. Remember that he told Kevin that he and Anna had history? He didn't tell him the *whole* story, and I'm not sure if Anna realizes he doesn't know that one crucial detail or not. But it's going to cause trouble. Oh I do enjoy Phelan, he's so slimy and smug!

Kevin still can't get his head around the thick tension in the air between Anna and Phelan. He's clearly not told Kevin the entire story and after Kevin asks him to keep his distance from Anna, Phelan leaks a little more out. He tells Kevin that Gary took a dislike to him and nearly beat him to death. He doesn't tell him why. Gary's been away at a health and safety course. Something I absolutely don't believe he couldn't have got somewhere in the Greater Manchester Area, so that he wouldn't have to be away a few days but i suppose the Actor had some time off. Anyway Gary returns none the wiser because Anna hasn't had the nerve to tell him over the phone that Phelan's back and when Gary spots him, he attacks him. Phelan pretends he's terrified as everyone pulls Gary off. Gary insists Phelan knows exactly why he's reacted this way but Anna's begging him not to say anything (quietly, mind you). Will someone spill the beans?

Gail is concerned that it's chilly in her annex. The floor is cold. Of course it is. It's concrete and they probably didn't build up a floor on top of it. Luckily, Jason was close at hand and Gail's pulled him in for a consultation about under floor heating. Oh that's not going to go over well with David and Kylie, is it? And so it didn't. David hugely overreacted. Pulling the rug back to expose the concrete is hardly going to raise the dead body. Ok, yes, having under floor heating will prove to be a problem.

Cathy's all about doing the right thing and she thinks Sylvia wants Roy to come back, just won't ask. Her guilt trip certainly exposes how he's really feeling and he decides to go back to look after her for the duration. First, though, he insists on seeing Carla as soon as he's allowed.

Alex is back and his mother is still driving him crazy. We also find out that Nessa has a new bloke already. Roy gave Alex a job to help out in the cafe while he's away. He seems to be starting off doing well and getting on with the customers. Ken and Audrey have made plans to go for a drink finally, after days of running circles around each other.

In a brand new storyline, Rita has bought herself a tablet and isn't getting on very well with it. All she needs is a little help and Sophie's willing to give it to her. Good girl! Rita's now delighted with the social network Facebook type page. She's even found an old friend or two but then she gets distracted and disturbed by something or someone. Another old friend, one she never expected, perhaps? We'll find out next week.

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