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Sunday Comments February 14

The situation is diffused and Gary doesn't spill the beans. Phelan walks away with a smarmy grin on his face, his work here is done! Gary then finds out about Anna and Kevin. Boy, he *has* been away awhile! It's very clear that Gary and Anna have some knowledge and Anna still lied that there wasn't a problem. I don't think Kevin fully believes her but he isn't pressing the issue. For now. Meanwhile, Jason and Phelan are getting chummy and are planning a coup. Get rid of the contractor and Jason will finish the job with Phelan.

Will Gary be able to stay away from Phelan? Will Todd wheedle the information out of Gary? No, Izzy came by in the nick of time but how long is this powderkeg going to go unsparked? Jason and Phelan seem to becoming partners and Gary may not be able to hold his temper. You just know Phelan is going to take great pleasure in winding Gary up and making himself look like the victim. Interesting that Todd has got pulled in once Gary warned him vaguely about Phelan. That's going to be intriguing. Jason might defend Pat, but I think Todd has some serious doubts. Will Todd find out? What will he do with it? He would want to protect Jason, that's for sure.

Steph can't think of anyone that might have mentioned her name. Oh but maybe.... (as if the police wouldn't have checked her name through the computer and found out about the complaint she made against Jamie after Carla mentioned the name? Come on, ITV, give us a bit of credibility.) It's contrived, that's what it is, so that Luke and Andy then have to confess they got Jamie fired. She sure gave them a dressing down. Later we discover that Jamie confessed freely once the police nabbed him. Poor Steph is feeling dreadfully guilty and actually came to apologize to Carla but of course she has nothing to apologize for.

Carla's home from the hospital. Poor Johnny just wants to be of help now that the secret's out but Nick didn't want him anywhere near Carla. Kate, however, is sympathetic and passes on the shopping task she'd volunteered for over to her father. He does it, but breaks a jar of coffee and while he's ducked behind the island in the kitchen clearing it up, hears Michelle and Carla arrive and guess what they're talking about? Yep, her fling with Robert. Now they know he knows though he promises he won't tell anyone. Carla isn't so sure, she knows how impulsive he is but he really does only want her to be happy. He's upset because she's upset, though, having to see Robert every day and know he's now Nick's partner. When he spies Robert later, he roughs him up. We need to talk!!! Yikes!

Norris and Brendan is the same table are not a good thing. It's all competitive and testosterone. Norris is cold and rude to Brendan and he stands up for himself in return. And Dev thinks Mary is neglecting him and his kids to spend time with Brendan. I'm not sure Mary would neglect the children. She didn't mean to miss Aasha's cross country event, but got tied up with her time, as you do. Erica is very kind to Mary, I think they could be very good friends, given the opportunity, even if they are complete opposites!

Brendan managed to tear himself away from his wife and caught Mary with her afternoon free, Dev being out of town with Asha so naturally, it's all hands on deck, so to speak and they get jiggy on the sofa. (Oh my eyes!) Cross country was called off and Dev and the kids got back early. Yep, you guessed it, Mary and Brendan got busted! Can't blame Dev for being angry!

Mary is mortified, especially because the children caught them. She can see no other way but to resign. I can understand how she would feel but with Dev not wanting her to go, I'm sure they could reconcile it all and move on. we followed Mary around all day as she snivelled at her friends but didn't tell them anything specific. She left message after message for Brendan but he's ignoring her. Dev and the kids are all upset. Erica and Liz are both sympathetic, mainly for the children's sake. And cheer her up, they did, I think. Clever, having Mary and Erica trade mother stories, each of them having a burden in that respect.

Mary finally got hold of Brendan but it wasn't him that showed up, it was his wife. Uh oh. Bridget hauled off and slapped Mary but to be fair, Mary did say she could if she wanted! Bridget told her she wasn't the first nor the last and Brendan treated Mary with great disrespect, implying she was just a fan with a crush and an overactive imagination but outside, even while his wife was shoving him in the car and Dev was hollering at him, he was planning to continue to keep in touch with Mary. Dog!!!

Poor Mary, sitting alone in the dark with a box of tissues and some emotional piano music to accompany her broken heart then decided to leave. She doesn't want to face people's pity and feels like a fool. Of course she does and that's what affairs with married men end up doing to you in the end. Erica sat her down again and there's another thing they have in common, failed affairs with married men. I just hope Mary means it when she says she's done with Brendan. I expect so. I can't see him being in it for the long term.

Mary is wallowing in self pity, too ashamed to go outside. She spends all day eating chocolate, listening to sad songs and watching sad movies. Nothing Dev can do or say can persuade her that she's not the object of pity. Poor thing, I do feel for her but she's got to figure out a way of lifting her head up and facing the world like all wronged women have had to do after being treated badly by love rats. It's really not her fault!

Sophie insisted that Rita tell her what was bothering her because it's clear something is. We discover what it is, too. One of the friend requests was from Jenny. Would she really be checking Facebook constantly just in case Rita joined up? Norris was earwigging for all he's worth and didn't quite get what Rita said. I don't know why Rita and Sophie would be standing at the bar anyway, why not go over to a table in the corner? It's stupid things like that which annoy me to bits. Sophie is outraged as you would be. Rita seems to be bending, worried about Jenny.

She made the leap and met Jenny in a park. Jenny does seem to be in better spirits and wants to make amends but she took something Rita said the wrong way, I think, and lost her nerve and bolted, leaving her wallet on the bench. The flat on the Quays turned out to be something a bit more grubby and she's barely hanging on some days. Rita is very worried about Jenny. Sophie is furious that Rita has been in touch. It's going to get worse. Rita went to fetch Jenny and Jenny burst into tears. Awww. Poor kid has really been through it and probably felt like she didn't have a friend in the world. Jack and Sophie were really shocked to see Jenny show up with Rita and Jenny probably felt she wanted to stay in the cab and go back.

Norris thinks Rita has lost her mind and Sophie's raging. At least Kevin did give Jenny the chance to explain and at least he finally remembered his own departed baby. Kevin did understand but he's not about to take her back nor did she expect it but she's to stay away from Jack. Then she had to put up with Sally haranguing her and Sophie. But at least that's the worst of it done. The initial encounters are the worst. Jenny was going to leave but Kevin encouraged her to stay. Later, Kevin thought that by giving Jenny a break, he could show Anna that she needed to give Phelan a break. That's not going to happen. She won't tell Kevin what really happened and since she won't, she feels like he's on Phelan's side, which is what it comes across as under the circumstances. She's willing to finish with Kevin rather than tell him the whole truth.

Jenny's presence is making a lot of waves, specially for Sally and Sophie. Sally seems genuinely upset for Sophie, though. Kate catches her being distracted at work and sympathises so Sally asks her if she could take Sophie for a drink to take her mind off things for awhile. It doesn't seem like she's even trying to match make this time. Kate agrees but encounters Jenny and Rita in the cafe and after shouting the odds at Jenny and where on earth did that come from? She's persuaded to hear Jenny's side of the story and realizes that Jenny really is sorry for everything. But when she tries to put that to Sophie, Sophie is outraged and storms out of the pub.

But at least Anna and Kevin make up. He does admit it was hard to see Jenny and get his head around it but feels better for letting it go. Anna apologizes too and thinks maybe she should make an attempt at putting Pat Phelan in the past. I wonder if she can, though.

Ken's finally getting around to asking Audrey out for a drink and she's still playing somewhat hard to get so they make a date for the next day, which highly amuses David. But she still seems to be shying away from him and he keeps persuing her, quite aggressively, even for Ken who now thinks he has offended Audrey so he's put Gail on the case to see what she can find out, subtly, mind you. That's Gail. Subtle as a brick! Audrey is feeling very self conscious that she has feelings for Ken and really doesn't feel it's appropriate while he's still grieving, Nessa or no Nessa. Surely she can spot that he seems to have something there for her?

Anyway, as a result, she's all out of sorts so Gail sat her down for a talk. Gail was direct and Audrey insisted Ken got it all wrong. She's more than out of sorts, though, she ended up with chest pains and Ken, noticing an open salon door, discovered her in a collapse! She thought she was dying and insisted on telling Ken that she loved him in case she never got another chance and judging from the smile on his face, he didn't mind one bit!

She's ok, though, just angina. She's recovering at Gail's which is nice, really, to have someone look after you when you don't feel well. (as long as they don't fuss *too* much) She wasn't able to sleep though, either Gail's snoring or could there be something else on her mind? Anyway, Audrey spends the day watching old Joan Crawford movies on telly and receiving guests. I love that they haven't forgotten that she and Luke made friends and he came to check up on her, with chocolates. Luke went out and Ken came in, with a huge bundle of flowers. Now Audrey's really flustered and she told him she didn't mean what she said. And why would he want her to? I thought he wasn't over Deirdre, that's what he told Nessa or was that an excuse to get rid of Nessa?

That bloke from the table tennis competition, Ritchie O'Driscoll has invited Aidan to dinner on Monday and come Monday, Aidan continues to be rude and unpleasant. He orders kate to go to O'Driscolls with him to help keep the peace between he and his father in front of the clients but Kate refuses and suggests Eva go. Aidan doesn't seem happy but says it's ok with him if it's ok with Eva. They really haven't had much to do with each other once she found out he made a bet with Kate about sleeping with her. See what I mean about unpleasant? And she turned up in a knockout tight red dress, too. Even then, he didn't compliment her, just ushered her into the work van because he planned on making this all into a business meeting. She couldn't get into the van because her dress was so tight so he assisted her by tossing her in like a sack of potatoes. Someone really needs to give that lad a reality check or take him down a peg or two.

Why is Anna still wearing a wedding ring? She was never married to Eddie anyway. Hope is in remission, after all these months of worry. But then you know she would be, right? Well, I'm glad. Let's get on with it, now, there's a huge debt to pay off. Aidan is still blocking his father, stubbornly digging his heels in and refusing to bend but Johnny isn't giving up. Does Rita not have a car anymore? She went to Jenny's by cab. Why does Amy still need to be picked up from school at her age?

Sally is thoroughly amusing me with her campaign tactics and her blue sky ideas! I cracked up at her asking Anna to write a testimonial, due to Anna being the "jackpot", single mother, Izzy in a wheelchair, teenage pregnancy etc. The more Anna protested, the more background material she gave Sally for her notes!

Fiz decides she's selling her engagement ring back to the jeweller which makes Tyrone sad. What does he do? Make her a nice dinner at home, take the kids to a baby sitter and he bought her a bottle of fizzy wine on sale. That sent her into hysterics, All that talk about having to tighten their belts and on the day she sells her ring, he goes and buys fizzy wine? She accuses him of not taking her seriously and goes out in a temper. I can kind of see her point.

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