Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Corrie's Nick - My new most hated character

Last night's Coronation Street featured Nick getting plowed in the face not once, but twice! I can say it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy! Facetiously, of course.

Nick hasn't been in the show this time around very long on our screens but already he's shaping up to be sly, manipulative, smug, arrogant and sneaky and he has the nerve to insult David for similar qualities??

So Jason got dumped last night by a grieving Tina who, in order to convince him to go, told him about the kiss she shared with Nick before she knew who he was. A kiss she regretted but which happened nonetheless. Jason lost his rag and thumped Nick in the Rovers, taking his pain out on Nick. To be fair, Nick really didn't have that coming. One kiss doesn't really deserve that but he certainly continued to poke Jason with a big stick afterwards, provoking him more.

And then, at home, he continued using that big stick on David, finding every sore spot he could. What did he think would happen? David might not be a big lad but he caught Nick off guard and blackened his other eye and i, for one, cheered loudly because Nick DID have that one coming. He was really asking for it! What pleasure would he possibly get out of it, I don't know but he sure got a result and knew it.

Thing is, it's not as if he did anything except give David more reason to dislike him. He did it purely to get a rise out of David, no other reason. No witnesses so no points scored. What did he find out? That David still loves Tina in spite of everything? No secret, that. Everyone knows it. It only establishes that Nick is a thoroughly dislikeable person. David isn't that likeable either but people see him as a product of a broken marraige with a big chip on his shoulder. Lots of people actually feel sorry for him.

Nick? He's always been the golden boy aside from losing his father at a young age. But he's been ungrateful and selfish and he's now worse than ever. I think he wants to be Mike Baldwin but he doesn't have one ounce the charm Mike had.

And, without spoiling it for Canadians.... you ain't seen nothing yet!!!


Swiftrunner said...

I was thrilled when David gave him a good knock, as well. Nick certainly is a pill.

Barbara said...

Really enjoying your blog. You have become one of my daily reads along the the guestbook where I found you!

I don't like Nick either!

Deborah said...

I don't like the character Nick or the new actor Ben Price playing him. Wish he'd go back to Nottingham or wherever it was he came from!

Tvor said...

Agreed, Swiftrunner, Pill indeed!
Thanks Barbara!
Deborah i think Ben Price does a great job, far better than Adam Rickett

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