Thursday, 27 January 2011

Who sleeps where and with whom?

Please note:  Tiny spoiler at end but anyone who is on Twitter will already know this.

This last week has seen Sunita and the kids move from their luxurious 3 bedroom house with probably more than one toilet, into Dev's bachelor pad in Victoria Court.  Dev's constant "you can't live in a flat like this with two kids" argument went ignored by mother of twins until Aadi got stuck on the balcony.

This knocked some sense into her and they have now decided to buy a new house.  The spacious accommodation she has lived in for 5 years with fancy man Matt is now not good enough and she has her eye on number 7, which belongs to Maria Connor.

I've got two kids, 10 months and 3.  I could not imagine moving from my 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom 5 year old corner lot property to a 2 up 2 down on a cobble street.  I'm not a snob but come on where the hell would all the toys go, not to mention 2 adults and 2 children. As my husband has to remind me (more times then a I think he should) is that this is not real life and in TV world having all of the characters crammed into one place makes filming and set design a lot easier.

I have had the Coronation Street house discussion with a friend at work to the point where we got out the pen and paper and drew a map of the street plotting where everyone lived.  All true Corrie fans I believe will do this at least once in their lives.

The row of terraced houses between The Rovers and Dev's shop starts with Ken and Dierdre at number 1.  A number of family members have lived here over the years but right now it houses the couple and the lovely Blanche.  Sleep arrangements are Ken and Dierdre are upstairs in bedroom number 1 and the living room has been converted for Blanche to call her own.  When one has a Polish hip one must only climb the stairs on a minimal basis.  This leaves a vacant bedroom upstairs which Simon or Amy will occupy when they stay over.  When Tracey Barlow and Amy lived there they must have shared bedroom number 2 but we are pretty sure that Adam and Tracey were there at the same time.  Adam must have had the couch in the dining room with a duvet and pillow that folded nicely under the table for daily living.

Fizz and John's house was once occupied by the Battersbys so that was 2 adults (Les and Janice) and 2 girls (our Leanne and our Toya).  I do recall when Janice was replaced by Fizz and Chesney's mum Cilla, the girls were gone and replaced by Chesney and lodger Kirk.  Ches and Kirk did share a room as at one point and there was talk of converting the loft.  Houses that age?  I don't think you would want to live in the loft.

Eileen Grimshaw has had a lot of comers and goers over the time she has lived on the street.  At one point there were two sons Jason and Todd and Sean Tully together with accompanying girlfriends and boyfriends.  At about the time I got completely confused, wondering if she had in fact converted her loft, it was mentioned that Sean occupied the front room (like Blanche at number 1).  Todd and Jason must have bunked together.

Lets merrily skip across the street to the elite houses, occupied by Gail Platt (sorry McIntyre), the Windasses and the Websters.  3 bedrooms with a garden.  Gail has also had a house full and again I was baffled at the time she had David and Sarah still living with her, Sarah's sprog Bethany and then Todd and/or Jason whichever one she was seeing at the time.  Bethany must have been in the same room as Sarah and her beau at the time.  The size of those bedrooms I just can't fathom it.

When you are a TV character living on a fictitious street you must not have many possessions, that's the only way you can do it.  And not just DVDs, books and cooking utensils, what about clothes, shoes, winter coats?  If Sarah, Jason and/or Todd and Bethany all have the one room, that's 3 people's clothes all in one small Ikea wardrobe?  I don't care how many closet organisers you use you only have so much space.  And let's not forget, they never wear the same thing twice.

Sunita and Dev, eventually end up in Maria's house as Shobna Gulati's Twitter bio gives it away and I wish them all the luck and happiness.  This should be a wake up to all of us who believe home should be a castle of grand stature.  It is in fact where your heart is and where you should be the most happiest and if you are not, you may need to think about moving in with someone who can convert their living room for you to sleep in.


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