Saturday, 29 January 2011

Tabby cats can roar too ya know!

Is it just me or has Trev the lodger gotten better looking as his storyline with Carla has gone on?  Friday's episode saw him bed the glamorous Carla after a night out on the lash leaving poor Janice to eat two lots of chips and drink half of dozen cans to herself.   I guess your work scruff is ok when you are out and about with the landlady but not with the owner of a knicker factory.  Don't be fooled Trev.  Couldn't help but notice a bit of slang dropping into her sentences here and there, she's just as common and the rest of us.

Poor Janice now has to face facts that Trevor sees her more like a sister or sister of a mate or even worse the mother of a mate.  She is the stray tabby cat to Carla's lioness.  Aww Jan I could have cried for you on Friday.  Perhaps someone should accidentally leave the flat door open and oh dear the kittens have gone.  Who cleaned the litter box out last probably not him.

1 comment:

Tvor said...

I have one word to say about Trevor... PHWOAR!!! He's one nice looking dude and very, very tall!

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