Sunday, 16 January 2011

Sunday Corrie Comments, January 16

So off we go for another week of Sunday comments. Don't forget to check back tomorrow for Lines of the week and weekly awards!

Looks like Molly has got her feet back under Tyrone's table. He's happy as a pig in muck but Auntie Pam knows damn well she's taking the easy way out and told her off good and proper. Home truths only get her face slapped in return and it was Molly that needed the slap, not Pam! (well not really, i'm not advocating violence, but this is telly, ok?) Meanwhile Bill's telling off Kevin and Kevin, for all he says he doesn't care and doesn't want anything to do with Molly or the baby, can't seem to concentrate on anything else. I'm not Molly's fan at all but i'm even less Kevin's fan these days. HE's really acting like an arse, even more than when he was actually having the affair.

Tina's grief seems to be hitting her harder and harder. I'm sure it's her first time with real loss and she doesn't seem to be able to handle it at all no matter how much support she's getting. It's a lot to take on, mind you, on top of your father's death, you have to deal with the fact that you believe he was murdered by his wife, a step mom you liked. She could be getting into trouble though. And every time you go out your door, you're looking at the house where he lived and encountering the family of his killer including your psycho ex which sends you right round the bend. Poor Jason is at his wits' end (a short trip). Weird, though, They are moving back to the flat since it didn't sell and Sean was all upset because he had to tell Eileen? It's not that big a deal is it? They're only over the road. She even agreed. I think Sean's a bit of a drama queen at times! (understatement?)

Gail has a cellmate. Pity it wasn't Jackie Dobbs ;) This one seems ok, though, so perhaps Gail won't have to sleep with her eyes open. She's practical and sarcastic but isn't horrible at least. Good thing, too, since Gail is going to be in jail until the trial! And did you see how Gail and David hugged in the visiting room? I bet you never thought you'd see that! It was really sincere too, on David's part. He's really cut up about this. Audrey is snobbish about the other inmates and visitors and got herself in hot water by suggesting Gail hadn't told them everything. She wasn't implying that Gail killed Joe but tempers are high.

Meanwhile, David figures he ought to take matters into his own hands and tries to interrogate some of the witnesses in the Lake District, bringing Graeme along for the ride. Probably made things worse (The visit, not bringing along Graeme who seems to be just the right person to bring along for a road trip with his flask, maps and music!!)

Sally's at Auntie Phyllis's? What? Who? It must be a relative of one of her parents because Sophie doesn't have an Auntie Phyllis. She's got an Auntie Gina and an Auntie Debbie. And having two capable teenage daughters, why is Kevin so concerned about having to make a meal? Can't they do it? Surely Rosie can at least pop stuff in the oven or the microwave and I'm definitely sure Sophie can probably put a decent edible meal together.

Sophie is being set up with a lad from school that Ryan knows but it doesn't go too well. Perhaps if he'd not been so forward? Perhaps not. It's Ryan's fault for implying Sophie would be up for a "good time" and really, he just wants her out of the way so he can spend more time with Sian.

Of course adult students are keen, they *want* to be there! NO idea what John thought he was doing trying to teach. Wouldn't he think he'll get caught? I'm sure they'll still do a background check?

Lewis is sniffing around Audrey again. Must be a slow week in the gigolo trade. Norris got a good look, too, and ended up using that camera on his phone, the one he didn't even want. Guess it has advantages when you're a nosy busybody. Rita seems awfully curious as well and Audrey finally confides in her about the escort. And why not, at her age, have a nice looking man take you out to the theatre and other engagements. Problem is, Audrey's head is turned very easily and a smooth, charming bloke like Lewis could have her head in the giddy clouds of infatuation!

I love Eileen's wolf whistle text alert! Jesse wants another chance but what's this? He's kissing Julie?? He loves her??!!!?? It didn't take him very long to get over Eileen, did it? B@stard! He's had his eye on her for awhile, though Julie is far more loyal than to give in to an attraction. Julie didn't want him so i guess he figured he could get back in with Eileen and it's "oh i love you Eileen, give us another chance"  so he wouldn't have to move home to Mummy. Sisters must stick together! Eileen sent Jesse packing with a tumbleweed following him down the dusty cobbles. Wonderful!

Nick can't even break up a little fight! I'm at a loss as to why Nick can't take a couple of hours to visit his mother. Too scared of Carla to go? Too scared of the jail? What a weakling! He's no match for Carla! And anyway, why? He owns part of the business. It shouldn't matter what Carla says. She might have a majority share but she's not the boss of him if he's part owner. Nick's answer to it all? Pay for a better lawyer for Gail which he should have done from the get go.

Odd that Nick has to put his overcoat on over his suit to walk 15 feet to the factory. And he sure didn't like Janice spreading gossip about his lack of prowess in bed. ANd by the way, where does Trev get off teasing Janice about what she eats?

It might be chilly but it's also March in Weatherfield, not flamin' January in Edmonton ;) The factory bees complained that working more to make up for Kelly's absence meant they still wouldn't get paid more but it would, wouldn't it? I thought they were being paid on a quota/pieces completed basis? Or they used to be. So if they work more, they should get paid more. Graeme has a major crush on Rosie Webster! Graeme was really brilliant this week! I think he's an awesome character! I wrote a bit about Graeme as a free spirit on my other Corrie blog here some time ago if you're interested.

Let's see. Sunita has been living in a large posh house in a leafy Manchester suburb for 5 years and the kids are no doubt going to a local school so why on earth is she A. saying their school is closer to Coronation Street and B. wanting the four of them living in a flat with half the space of the house and C. saying the kids aren't rooted when that's the only house they've ever known? Why can't Dev move into the house and drive to work?

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