Sunday, 2 January 2011

Sunday Comments, January 3

Lines of the week:
  • Sean "Teresa luv, Coming from someone with a face like a blind cobbler's thumb, it's a bit rich, *you* questioning my pulling power!"
  • Carla to Nick "I can see why you're in the rag trade, because you couldn't make a living reading minds"
  • Ken "Who would want to take a child?!" (Huh? This man thrives on reading the news!)
  • Molly "I didn't do anything wrong!" (huh?)
  • Kelly "I'M COMING!!!!" Nick (*wince*)
  • Eve to George "It's about you"
Audrey actually praises David for his support and all Gail can talk about is Nick coming home. The police aren't letting up, though, they think Gail killed Joe and are trying to get evidence to prove it even if they are barking up the wrong tree. And Tina is looking increasingly suspicious at Gail, and all. All the evidence is circumstantial. Isn't there dna evidence on the boom that hit Joe? Anyway Tina has told Gail not to attend the funeral. Harsh.

So it's definite. George decided to go for a temporary custody order. Even Eve didn't know he was going to do that and she doesn't really approve but she's not crossing him either. Peter wasn't drunk the night before, he was just angry. seeing Peter taken away by the cops isn't doing Simon any good. What does George do? take Simon to Blackpool and oh, take a bag in case we decide to stay over... or run away with the lad. Only the lad overhears George's plans and runs away on his own! Serves George right and even Eve is incensed. Just for good measure, one of my rants over here, all about George!

I don't think it's a matter of the judge thinking Simon might be better with George, I think it's a matter of the judge being a friend of George and George exaggerating the situation. Good scenen with Leanne telling Peter off about wanting to drink and how it's all just an excuse to drink. What really ticked me off, George wasn't going to call Peter as not to worry him! He really just didn't want his own idiocy to come to light.

Carla gets to go out with that lovely Trev but Janice gets her heart broken yet again! Nick gets off with skanky Kelly to try to get her to steal Carla's files. That seals it. He's officially a user, isn't he? Wants what he wants when he wants it, uses women to get it. Sounds just like his father, Brian, too!

March 11 2010 4I thought Teresa got sacked? Did CBC drop a scene again or did i miss something? Anyway i went and looked and it seems Teresa apologized and Fiz backed her up. All of this upset is more conflict than usual for Kelly and it's leading to her exit. She never was a very nice person but she was never boring!

Well, what did Molly expect would happen when everyone finds out she's left Tyrone who clearly did nothing wrong? Did she think she'd find some new best friends? She didn't really have any before. Whine, whinge. I don't know why she stayed round there in the first place.

John's getting that single minded thing on again. He wants to teach and nothing is going to stop him, not even a life long ban! It's a classic narcissistic syndrome. He never thinks what he wants is actually wrong and will put Fiz through anything to get what he wants, regardless of the lies he tells and the stress she goes through and yet she puts up with him. So he thinks adult education would be ok, but i'm sure they still have to do background checks.

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