Thursday, 14 July 2011

Do the right thing Natasha!

I am watching Monday's episode of Corrie now.  I think the reason I have been happy to let my episodes accrue on the PVR is because Natasha's phantom pregnancy is driving me crazy!! Its really been going on far too long now.  All she had to do was fake a miscarriage about a week after they got back together, that's what I would have done.  I say that's what I would have done I really don't believe I would have gotten myself into a situation like that.  I suppose loneliness can drive you to anything.

I must say I am excited to find out the reaction of Nick when he finds out.  I wonder if she is just going to tell him or if maybe Gail sneaks a peek at her medical records.  Dr Matt will not take too kindly to that I'm sure.

Our Nick really does want to be a daddy.  Maybe he shouldn't have forced Leanne into having their baby aborted and announcing to the Street it was a miscarriage (1998ish).  Whats goes around comes around Nicky boy.

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