Tuesday, 5 July 2011

"Molvin" redux

I just needed to bitch a bit about the Molly/Kevin storyline that is *still* ongoing, albeit in a different form. The affair is over but the fun is just beginning now that the baby is born. We'll be in for more dirty looks from Molly and longing glances at the baby from Kevin who isn't sure yet it's even his baby. It's bound to be, though, because that will bring out a lot more conflict and repercussions over time. Let's face it, the truth about the affair has to come out sometime. That's pretty much soap law.

This storyline was one of the worst conceived ones in a long time, pun intended. From what I know, though, the affair was meant to start very slowly and built up to where you might actually believe they could have developed feelings for each other. Instead, because the storyline was leaked to the media early, they just dove in with both feet and dropped us in it with an almost instant shag-fest.

Kevin has a mid life crush, I could get my head around that, but Molly, though initially rejecting him, was secretly flattered and the next thing you know, she was returning those feelings of lust when only 6 months before she was newly married and happy. It made no sense, and we suffered for it as did the character of Molly who was completely ruined, I think.

I used to like Molly. She was bright and cheerful and cheeky. She and Tyrone made a perfect pair. She didn't try to change him like Maria did and she didn't try to mother him like Fiz did. I haven't much liked Kevin, though. He's always been a bit of a neanderthal. Putting the two together really didn't work for me or most people I talked to. Both actors seemed uneasy with the romantic scenes and it really didn't feel believable.

After the breakup, though, the acrimony and sniping did work! Now we're in for another dose of it because Kevin is going to want to know if it's his baby even though he *says* he doesn't want anything to do with it even if it is. So what will happen if baby Jack is Kevin's? Will he want access? How long will it be before Tyrone and Sally find out because you know they will eventually. The fallout from this will be far reaching and cobble-shattering and hopefully, worth all that angst and frustration we had to sit through!


eila said...

The whole storyline annoys me so much that I can hardly stand to see Molly onscreen. I'm really angry with the writers.

Tvor said...

I know, her voice just rags on my last nerve. The only good thing about this will be everyone finding out. Can't wait to see Sally's reaction!

Suburban Princess said...

I could never figure these two out. Him...I get it. Her...he has nothing to offer her and young girls dont have affairs with men like Kevin for no reason.

ITA with Eila and Tvor - she says every like like it's the most important thing she has said in her life...there is nothing natural about her acting.

Tvor said...

I think initially, Molly did it because she was bored and she enjoyed the excitement and the danger. I really never bought that she fell in love with Kevin nor he with her. And indeed, once he had his world shaken up with Sally's cancer, he realized where his heart really was. He was truly in a mid life crisis.

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