Friday, 7 December 2012

Sneak preview for next week's Canadian Corrie, Dec. 10 - 14

Without further ado, here's a brief run down of next week's Coronation Street on Canadian Screens:

David isn't happy to have Lewis underfoot. He and Kylie struggle to get some private time and row over her job again.

Dennis spends money and then gets himself a job. Tommy gets a job too, but it's due to Tina's intervention. Tommy continues to sulk about the pregnancy. Tina has a scan and later, news of her pregnancy gets out, further annoying Tommy because he's assumed to be the father.

Tyrone goes along with Fiz's plan but Fiz and Kirsty get into more aggro in the factory. There's a confrontation and Tyrone has to take Kirsty's side publically and someone gets sacked. 

Owen tries to take revenge on Jason but Stella steps in.

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