Friday, 28 December 2012

Why I've had enough of Corrie's Leanne

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in December 2012.)

This may be very controversial, but here goes. I really dislike Leanne. I am sick to the back teeth of her whining, moaning, arguing and having cat fights on the cobbles. Now I know she's had a lot to put up with in her life: Les Battersby, Peter's alcoholism, Janice's various hair styles, acting with Adam Rickitt and discovering Cindy Beale is really her mother. However, her current self righteous attitude is really getting on my wick!

I'm probably alone but I always seem to find myself on Carla's side. I mean anyone in their right mind would prefer a life in LA to living cheek by jowl with the Barlows and the constant threat of Deirdre's stuffed marrow. I just feel like Leanne has become a very unsympathetic character. I know she loves Simon, so why shout and argue in front of him? She doesn't really love Nick, so why put him through all this for nothing? Ok, Carla stole her husband, but I don't remember Leanne showing Carla much sympathy when she was raped. Given Leanne's somewhat turbulent past, you would think life experience would have made her a more understanding person.

Let's not forget Leanne's arrival on the Street as a wild child, causing havoc wherever she went. Eloping with young Nick(y), getting embroiled in the affairs of wicked Jez Quigley, coming back as a table dancer and turning to prostitution. How quickly they have forgotten that Leanne was in the boot of Carla's husband's car when he crashed and died. And Leanne's affair with Nick while she was with Peter is seldom mentioned. There was also the affair with Danny Baldwin and their attempt to con poor old Mike. Also, in my opinion she accepted Stella far too easily as her mother. What of poor Janice, the woman who spent years raising her as her own daughter? 

I think what Leanne needs is a visit from Janice and sister Toyah. Janice can put St Ella of the Back Room back in the Corrie Cupboard where she belongs and Toyah can talk some sense into her sister. Hopefully that would get Leanne back on track!

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