Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Are you a Coronation Street Mastermind?

Whenever I watch BBC's Mastermind I think that if were to take part there could only be one specialist subject I could answer questions on: Coronation Street. In 2007, Sarah Piddock, a retired catering supervisor, did just that and scored 13 with one pass. The programme was repeated this lunchtime on BBC2 and here are the questions she faced. I scored 15, how would you have done?

1. Coronation Street was created by which writer who at one point planned to call it Florizel Street?

2. What was removed from a drunk Kevin Webster during Des and Steph Barnes house-warming party in 1990?

3. Which travel agency did Alec Gilroy take over when he returned to Weatherfield?

4. The first episode of Coronation Street was transmitted in which month of 1960?

5. After Curly Watts bought number 7 he decided to have the loft converted into what?

6. Whose beloved Rover car was wrecked in 1983 when Eddie Yates backed the council bin lorry into it?

7. Mayor Alf Roberts cancelled the twinning of Weatherfield with which French town after Fred Elliott was accused of bribery during a black pudding contest?

8. What was the name of Percy Sugden's budgie who accompanied him when he became Emily Bishop's lodger?

9. Which mission had been Ena Sharples' home for 30 years until its demolition in 1968?

10. The programme's theme tune was written by which composer who died in 1966?

11. In 1974 eight of the female characters enjoyed a holiday in Majorca after Bet Lynch won which competition?

12. Which character was Reg Holdsworth trying to seduce when Derek Wilton drilled through the floor and punctured Reg's water bed?

13. Hilda Ogden left Coronation Street in 1987 to become the live-in housekeeper to which doctor for whom she had previously cleaned?

14. What was the name of the Rovers Return's third bar, along with the public bar and the snug, although they were knocked into one during the refurbishment after the 1986 fire?

15. Which actress began playing Betty Turpin in 1969 although she'd auditioned for the role of Hilda Ogden 5 years earlier?

16. Which actor played Robert Croft the leader of a hippy commune that took over number 11 in 1968?

17. What was the name of the boat built by Gerry Booth whose maiden voyage ended in disaster when it capsized with Stan Ogden on board?

18. Who replaced Mervyn Watson as the programme's producer in 91 and later became the Executive Producer?

The answers are here!

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