Monday, 21 October 2013

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Oct. 14 - 18

Fright Night award: Nick wasn't happy to see David, he was scared witless!

One Out, One In award: Michelle gets rid of Ryan and has her dad land on her doorstep.

Pointless award: What was the point of that Phelan owing Owen storyline, really?

Curtain Twitcher award: Naturally Sally would notice curtains twitching (at Tim's) being so good at it herself.

Spineless Coward award: Tim

L Permit award: Finally we are seeing some of Roy's driving lessons!

Musical Ambiance : Hit the Road Jack in the pub with David talking to Tina about the DNA test Nick wants.

Lines of the week: 
Michelle "I turn to Steve for many things but never, ever advice! Cause when it comes to words of wisdom he's a flipping mute!"
Audrey "You know what these Wayfarers (busses) are like. You've more chance of seeing Brigadoon most nights"
Owen "I'm gonna find him and tell him to his face what I think of him" (oh yes. that will work)
Kylie "She's all right, is Gail" Leanne "Yeah. Once you get used to her"
Nick about Lily "Not. His. Mine."
Deirdre "As I always say...all roads lead to Rita"
Michelle "Get off the cross will yer, Dad, we need the wood"
Gail "This house is a web of lies"
Deirdre "I'm like Shirley Valentine, me. I talk to the wall" (my favourite movie!)
Julie "I make pants. It's hardly running Life Aid"
Roy "I'm not very good at subterfuge"
Eva "What makes her so sure she's got the job?" Fiz "Because she's got an over inflated sense of her own importance"
Steve wants a favour: Lloyd "I'd rather watch a Scandinavian movie with subtitles, in black and white" Eileen "I'd rather get my head stuck in a railing, get rescued by a handsome fireman who breaks my heart"

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