Monday, 25 November 2013

It's Grimshaw up North

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in November 2013.)

Todd Grimshaw's return was, as is always the case with returning characters, going to be an interesting one. Had he just come back the same as before, fans would probably have quite rightly said, "so what?" However Eileen's pride and joy has reappeared on the cobbles with a definite evil glint in his jaded London eye.

I know Todd has only been back a week, and the reasons for his harsh unpleasantness may soon be revealed, however I must admit I'm really not enjoying it. 

So far he's cost his mother £500 she cannot afford and will probably never see again, given her a load of cheek and strop, freeloaded from Julie and anyone else who looks his way and attempted to blag a job from Nick Tilsley. Yes, the guy he tried to snog while being shacked up with his sister. Not bad for a week's work.

He is only still under his mother's roof because he knew Sean would be a soft touch. After all Sean has been through, would he really be that gullible? Probably. Would Todd really think asking Nick/Gail for a job would be a good idea?! The only chink of light I can see in all this is that it may lead to a rematch on the cobbles between Gail and Eileen. That scene from 2004, all wet hair, pursed lips, camp insults and towelling fabrics askew, will stay with me for years to come. More please!

It would appear Todd is going to set his sights on poor Marcus in the weeks and months ahead. Obviously that means Todd the terror is going to remain Bruno Langley's characterisation for the foreseeable. If Marcus and Maria do split up, I hope it is because Marcus or Maria realise the relationship is not working, not because Todd has decided to propel himself and his dodgy haircut directly at Marcus Dent's face. I don't think I can cope with Maria going into another hysterical meltdown. If she did, Audrey might have to get David back to cope with the Renshaw twins, and that would never do.

Perhaps lovely Marcus, who we hardly see at all, sadly, will be the one to make Todd see the error of his ways? Mr G certainly needs some sort of positive influence, otherwise he's destined for a life of Eileen's cottage pie and forty hours a week in Packing. 

The one thing that Todd's return has made me realise is just how far Ryan Thomas has come as Jason over the past thirteen years. When the brothers first hit our screens I couldn't stand Jason, much preferring the more sensitive, kindly soul that was Todd. Jason's character has grown onscreen, more consistently of course because Ryan Thomas has stuck with Corrie throughout. I think that's paid dividends though, as Jason is by far the stronger character now.

So do you like what you've seen so far from Todd? Are you happy to see the character back on screen? What are your hopes for Todd, and indeed the other Grimshaws in the months ahead?

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Jacqui said...

I can't stand that these returning characters are always so nasty when they return. I get that the writers are going for a little drama but it does get old.

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