Saturday, 9 November 2013

See the Street through artist David Crighton's eyes

This is a lovely print of Coronation Street and it's it's a different view of Coronation Street than we're used to seeing. It was created by Toronto artist David Crighton, a 30 year fan of The Street. Now he's created his fantasy vision of Coronation Street to share with other fans.

He's set up a six-video by email series that you can sign up for in which he talks about the Street, and how he came to create this piece of art. You can enter a contest to win a signed copy of an original print of your choosing if you follow the email series, you'll also receive four free notecards with other drawings by David of various Street buildings.

When you sign up, you only need to submit your name and email and he will contact you for any other details needed.

If you're interested in receiving these videos by email, where David shares how he creates his works of art, his history as a big fan of The Street and which gives you an opportunity to win an original print of your choosing. sign up here.

If you are interested in purchasing this print, one of the smaller individual building prints, notecards or tshirts, all the information you need will be provided with the emails where you'll get a link to a shopping cart for special prices on merchandise.

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