Monday, 4 November 2013

Should Nick and Kylie get together?

(This post was originally posted by Graeme N on the Coronation Street Blog in October 2013.)

The Platt McIntyre Tilsley family are in crisis. Again. They have been rocked, shocked and blown apart by explosive revelations. Again. Gail flutters her eyelashes in shock that one of her offspring could behave like the devil in dodgy t-shirts. Again. It must be Martin Platt's DNA, because it could never be Gail's fault.

Ah yes, Platt Towers has been rocked to its very core for the umteenth time this side of the new millennium. I still care enough about some of the characters to be involved, but really, how many more times can David go on the rampage? 

It's all getting a bit tiresome and to be honest, losing its ability to shock. I don't necessary want Coronation Street to shock me anyway. Real life does that enough, thank you very much.

I do absolutely adore Kylie. I prefer her to her sister Becky. Paula Lane is a great actress who will obviously go far. We should make the most of her while she is attached to Corrie. And Kylie, despite being a former cage dancer who sold her son to her sister, is far too good for David.

I think Kylie should get together with Nick. Gail's golden boy. Ben Price is a far better reincarnation of Nick than Adam whatshisface ever was. I did have my doubts to begin with as the actor is in his early forties, playing a character in his early thirties, however he has grown on me and I rather like the direction Nick is heading in. I also think Nick would be better off without the shrewish, unpleasant Leanne. Leanne has always been a great character. She is one of those Corrie characters who has many different facets and seems to keep regenerating. Corrie are really lucky to have held onto Jane Danson for so long, but please, reinvigorate this character soon!

So, yes, I guess I'm suggesting the powers that be should split Nick and Leanne up for good and move Kylie, Max and baby Lily into that strange posh apartment building positioned rather glamorously between Owen's builders yard and Chesney's market stall. 

So what do you think? Would you like to see Nick and Kylie get it together? Has David served his purpose? What should the writers do to cheer up Leanne? 

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