Monday, 12 May 2014

Flavours of the Month

The blog post about Kym Marsh signing on for another year of Corrie got me thinking.  While Michelle isn't my favourite character, she's not my least favourite either. What did make an impression is the anonymous source saying that Michelle was the very center of the show. Excuse me???

Smells like a very good publicity agent to me. I know characters like Michelle have been overused on the show to the point where, even if we didn't mind them before, we got sick to the eye teeth of them. Yet their faces are all over the media and their importance to the show is exaggerated beyond credibility. Sometimes, actors seem to be the flavour of the month for years, like Ms. Marsh, and other times they have their time in the spotlight and fade off again.

The saving grace for some of the "flavours of the month" on screen is that they tend to keep to themselves in their private life but then we have actors like Ms. Marsh and former Corrie actor Helen Flanagan who seems to be making a career out of getting her face and body anywhere on the internet that will have her. But acting jobs? Not so much. I've had a ramble about it over here. 

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