Sunday, 4 May 2014

Sunday Comments - May 4

Poor Anna has really been metaphorically kicked in the guts, hasn't she? Wouldn't you? She felt backed into a corner and the only way out was through Phelan's bed. He didn't force her physically but he really didn't seem to give her any other choice if she wanted to save her family. That's damn close to rape in my book but he'd never be convicted, I don't think. that's it then, he'll have to die horribly.

Owen will find out eventually, it's soap law. Will he go on a rampage or will he be a broken man? Gary's PTSD will bounce out of control. Will he even remember if he's done something dire? What about Faye? She's always had that look in her eye, that death stare and I wouldn't put it past Izzy to chuck that chair at Phelan, either. As much as this "indecent proposal" storyline seems to be exploitive, contrived and sensationalized on one hand, it's also the kind of storyline that could have long term repercussions and that's what soaps want.

Well, it seems Phelan has made good on his promise, at least, he's given back the security footage. Who really knows if he's given them all the copies but we go on faith for now. They're still broke, though and now they have to find a way to get back on their feet. It'll be a long climb. Anna is really feeling the guilt and nobody knows what she's done. Yet. And the effects are already devastating on her.

Tina's determined to win Peter back, poor deluded woman. Luke is definitely keen but he's not a patch on Peter, in Tina's eyes or maybe she's just decided mechanics are a lost cause. Peter, naturally, has the will of a peanut and is back between the sheets in no time flat all the while Carla is trying to get hold of him so there will be more lies there as Peter feels so guilty he ends up in a bottle again, over at t'factory. Why doesn't Carla realize that Peter is using all the same excuses and lies to cover his drinking and affair that he used when he was fooling around with her!

Carla really tore a strip off Peter when she found out he was drunk. I think that's the first time I've seen her really lay out on him and poor Simon had to hear it all. forget going to his room, he'll still hear the shouting. It's hard enough for Carla to deal with but it's worse for a child.

I'm sure Peter didn't appreciate Michelle and Rob on their doorstep, ganging up on him. But maybe Carla appreciated the support and Steve had to admit he knew. He knows he couldn't tell before now because of what Peter revealed to him. At least Steve kept that secret. He's still not ready to admit the affair so lays on the guilt that it's the pregnancy so she's warning him that she'll terminate if he doesn't clean up.

Every time Peter dives back into the bottle, it's that much harder to get dry again so Carla is packing him off to a rehab. He knows darn well she means business when she gets Steve in to watch a very hungover Peter and has to warn the neighbours not to give him any booze. Difficult to have to face them and their sympathy, too. Peter's begging for a drink. and his family are wondering why he's suddenly broken apart. Deirdre is very supportive and Carla appreciates it but who was her next choice to babysit? Tina!

And she's very much afraid she's the one that pushed him over the edge. She's right but so is he. He's his own worst enemy. Tina is more the type to be an enabler than Carla who is tougher and better for Peter in the long run. It's hard to see him hit bottom again but by Gosh these are all good actors. It's all very believable and the writing is great.

Tracy has the right idea. Peter does have a secret. She was close when she guessed he had another wife and that seems to have given Rob ideas that Peter just might have another woman. Just another reason for Rob to hate Peter, all this.

Maria is joining Peter off the rails. Tyrone's worried that Kirsty might snatch Ruby and Maria wonders if Marcus could snatch Liam though he's a lot less likely to, don't you think? He's not a psycho though Maria is sliding down that slope. No she's not a psycho, just very disturbed and traumatized. Add to that, thinking about the good old days with Tyrone, the one that got away, and she's getting ideas. She is still hurting badly and seeing Todd around only reminds her. And Todd, I still don't buy that he's in love with Marcus like he pretends.

It was a great confrontation between Maria and Todd with everyone else weighing in on all sides. He did ruin her life and he did it on purpose. Marcus might have fallen eventually but Todd gave him a bloody great push to make sure he did. Todd got the rough end of it and yet he still stuck the knife in the day after and antagonized her again on purpose.

Let Tyrone pick up the pieces. Maria doesn't mind that. She was happy with him back in the day, not a care really. She reckons he's the best thing that ever happened to her and the only man that ever treated her right. She's correct there. But he's not into her any more. He's very kind and generous but rejecting her is only fueling the fire and making her highly embarassed as well. So she's going to take advantage of his good nature and his insecurity about Kirsty. She's got an anonymous phone for a little while and she's being surly with all and sundry. Tyrone gets a text from an anonymous source just after we see maria compose a text and he thinks it's Kirsty but you can all do the math can't you? Yep, we did see that Maria had a present for the girls so she texted to follow up when she put it through the letterbox. But Tyrone didn't give her a chance to explain and Maria took the opportunity to comfort him instead.

I still think Andrea and Steve are harbouring feelings for each other above and beyond their admitted crush and the more they deny it, the more I believe it. Jenna doesn't trust Andrea, either, and I think she's pretty shrewd in that assessment. Lloyd and Andrea made up anyways and are planning a weekend holiday.

Maddie and Sophie didn't last too long on the streets, did they? Running back to daddy and Kevin obligingly takes them in. He'd probably be a better guard than Sally and more willing to execute tough love if it came down to it. A bit of a soft touch is our Kev but not that much of one.

Oh guess what? Dennis is back! Rita got a call after he was admitted to hospital because he was sleeping rough and was beaten up. Things with Gloria went off the rails pretty quickly after he left. Norris thinks she should walk away and so does Emily, they doesn't want her to get hurt again, naturally, he's concerned for her but Dennis is still her husband. She wasn't going to have anything more to do with him but he tried to use sweet words but it didn't work. She walked out anyway but in the end, she couldn't let him go back on the streets.

Rob and Tracy are planning to do that deal with Tony in spite of Deirdre's warnings. Mary and Gail both in the gym? good for them! I hope it doesn't fizzle out. They've both signed up for self defence classes, too. Though looking at them on the cross trainer machine, it didn't look like Gail was actually doing anything other than moving the hand thingys back and forth.

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