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Yes, ok, it's Monday but I forgot yesterday!

Beth is determined to have her boob job and is going private. Right to Latvia. Blanche had a Polish hip. I suppose  Latvian boobs are much more exotic. Meanwhile, Chesney has no clue how to make Sinead feel like she's beautiful, aside from telling her of course and that's a good thing. He tried to buy her something nice to wear but it was equal to the rest of her wardrobe. While it's more her style than the red sexy dress, and she loved it, Chesney was convinced it wasn't going to go very far trying to convince her she's a knockout even if she's not comfortable in the red or a dress that revealing. 

I thought it looked very nice on her even if Katy had the same dress. But how did Katy afford it? The Wind-Armstrongs are on the bones of their backside as far as money goes. A drunk Sinead wasn't a pretty sight.

You can't blame Dev for being suspicious of Maddie. She's got form, after all. And she's really starting to annoy the hell out of me. What on earth does Sophie see in her besides someone that needs fixing up? She has no charm, no social graces. Oh right. Just like Sophie. Now Kevin's gone back to Germany again (so the actor can do some rehab time) and Maddie's already running rings around Tyrone cadging a sub off her wages. 

I suppose giving Maddie a job is probably a good thing, it might give her a bit of confidence, that is, if Tyrone and Luke don't kill her first! I realize the story had to be quickly rewritten but good grief! I know we're not supposed to like Maddie but they really are pushing things, aren't they? I suppose that will make the eventual turn around that much more dramatic but so far, I can't see it. I do like the actress but I really wish Sophie wasn't romantically involved. 

Sally's right about Maddie being a liability but Sophie is right about Kevin giving her a job to instill confidence. Poor Tim, though, has to put up with Sally complaining about Kevin non stop and slagging off Maddie. Tim had a good point. He was in the same position with his mother who slagged off Faye's mother and now never sees his mum. That stopped Sally in her tracks. Meanwhile, Maddie has got the news that her brother is moving with his foster family far away. As if Maddie didn't need another reason to kick off but this one is understandable. Tim may be right. Sally could very well end up driving Sophie away if she doesn't back off.

Maddie's solution? Go bring Ben home for a visit and persuaded Sophie to skive off work for the rest of the day. Then suggest she and Sophie can bring up Ben. That might work if they were more stable. A lot more stable. Sally will do her nut when she hears that little plan. And oh what a surprise, Maddie didn't have permission to have Ben for the day after all. If Maddie and Ben had kept running rather than breaking into Mary's motorhome, they might have had a chance. Between Ben wanting to go home and Sophie persuading her, she gave up but it was a bit too late and everyone overreacted. Both girls were dragged down to the nick. 

I really like that Tim has become a lot more sympathetic and it's nice that he and Sophie have made friends. There's hope for him yet but Sally is going to drive him batty. Sally sees Tim as undermining her parenting attempts. I see Tim as trying to temper Sally's strident interfering. Sally does have some sympathy. One last chance. But it looks like Sally used up all her chances with Tim who is sick and tired of being ignored and belittled by her. She's not treating him with any respect.

I'd say Maria is rebounding hard, with her eye firmly focused on Tyrone, the one from her past that got away. It's ironic that David is the one telling Maria she's doing the wrong thing. This coming from a man who does know right from wrong and insisted on doing the wrong most of his life! I guess he really is growing up. I noticed that on Ty's phone, there was a text from "Maria" and then two texts from another number, who they are presuming is Kirsty. Maria had got a pay as you go phone as a loaner when hers was being repaired. She must have her old phone back now or the two phone numbers would be the same in his address book.

Anyway Maria made sure to insinuate herself into Tyrone's quiet evening at the pub and Tyrone knows about Fiz's suspicions so he's not so sure it's a good idea. Maria smooths things over and it's all ok again between them but Fiz's suspicions aren't going away, not when she sees Maria and Tyrone all pally in the pub. David knows full well what Maria is trying to do and it's odd having the morality lecture coming from David Platt. Tyrone is an innocent and he loves Fiz and only Fiz but he's starting to see Fiz's jealousy as a liability.

Maria put in a pre-emptive strike with Fiz and figured it was a way of keeping Fiz sweet. It might work. At least for now. Fiz is so mollified that she's invited Maria round just like nothing's wrong. Maria does feel a little guilty but she just can't seem to help herself, especially now that Marcus is back. There came a look of pure hate come over her face when she saw him. Boy didn't she lose her rag over Marcus! Just in time for Tyrone to talk her down again.

Steve has decided to join the gym to get the edge over on Lloyd, and maybe make Amy proud, for the fun run. But it didn't start off so well when he had to share the session with Nick. It did seem a bit harsh for someone who had never worked out before. Surely, a trainer would have started off on a beginner level. He ended up with a bruise that was a bit hard to explain since he didn't want Lloyd to know he was working out. Too late, Lloyd caught him stretching and figured it out. I'm not sure why Lloyd was so ticked off. It's not such a surprise Steve would do something like that and after all, Lloyd is also attempting a keep fit regime too, minus the exercise. Hypocrite. The pair of them always act like schoolkids, don't they?

It would have been ok, mind you, if Kal hadn't been having a hissy fit over Leanne and took it out on Nick, pushing and pushing until Nick lashed out and laid Steve out on the floor. Nice one. That gave Gail lots of fuel for her fire. But Leanne knew why Kal was upset and Sharif did too. It was unprofessional.

Leanne was ready to give Kal up as a bad idea after all that. She's still got feelings for Nick even if she doesn't want him as her husband and figures Kal was just throwing his testosterone around. Thing is, if Kal wasn't in the picture, I think Nick might even have a chance with her if he gave it enough time but Leanne isn't keen on his efforts and got Eva to play third wheel. Nick then got Kal to join them as a mate. Awkward! Nick's philosophy about doing what you want struck home with Kal and he ended up persuading Leanne into the bedroom. It's what she wanted, too, mind you, she didn't take a lot of persuading.

The morning after, Eva got an eyeful when she got home and she's delighted with the gossip. Now they all have to hide it and with Eva's loose tongue and inability to lie convincingly, it won't be easy. Nick keeps using Simon to spend time with Leanne and how can she say no to that? Kal got to spend the night in heaven and still wasn't happy and is still all tied up in knots over Leanne.

He really is sure about how he feels about her but he's not sure about how she feels about him. He's pushing Leanne away, he thinks it's for the best and maybe it is. What's she going to do? If she can't have Kal, will she go back to Nick? She's the original "Love the one  you're with" girl. She says she's not going back to Nick. We'll see.

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