Sunday, 28 December 2014

Bad boy blues on Coronation Street

Guest blog post from Corrie fan and long-time reader of the Coronation Street Blog, Alistair Geddes.
(This post was originally posted on the Coronation Street Blog November 2014, reposted to this blog with permission.)

The news that Callum Logan, wonderfully portrayed by Sean Ward, is to become a regular character, initially made me very happy.  I enjoyed his performance and he has a real screen presence.  His chemistry with Paula Lane is undeniable and his air of menace is reminiscent of Jez Quigley, who met his maker at the hands of Jim McDonald, so he did.  Quigley had few redeeming features and although he was not a fully rounded character, he was entertaining to watch.

My hopes for Callum are that he will be well used and wreak havoc in the Platt clan.  (I foresee a romance with, the soon to return, Sarah Louise.)  Given his history with Kylie and being Max’s biological father, there is a goldmine of stories to be unearthed.

However, my, not inconsiderable, gut instinct tells me that Callum will be watered down and end up like other bad boys of the past.

Steve, who was once a gold-digging, small time criminal dabbling in drugs and stolen goods, has ended up as a successful businessman, emasculated and henpecked by all of the women in his life – No wonder he’s depressed.

Gary Windass had the chance to be a real badass, but has softened to the point where he is unrecognisable.  (Possibly all the punch-ups in his past have tenderised him like a steak.)  When he first appeared, he was like what would have happened to Chucky, had he grown up.  Now he’s more like a cabbage patch doll.

It could be argued that my two examples have shown character growth and development by turning their backs on their old lives, but do leopards really change their spots?  Most of the bad-boys that I have known have turned into bad men and still spend their lives lurching between the pub and the police station.

I know that in soap operas, characters change personalities to suit the whims of the storyliners and producers, but it would be nice to have a bit of consistency. 

After all. Emily has remained true to the character that was introduced nearly 54 years ago. 

I look forward to Callum’s extended stint, but fear that a year or so down the line, he will be a fine, upstanding member of the Weatherfield community, living and working within spitting distance of Coronation Street.

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