Sunday, 7 December 2014

Sunday Comments December 7

Steve is sinking fast. He manages to get Amy to school but starts getting wound up and lands himself in the doctor's office. With every question she asks him, designed to find out what his symptoms are, he feels worse and worse and more and more like a screw up. But she says it's pretty clear he's suffering depression and they can treat it in a variety of ways. He's not quite so inclined to see a councillor yet. He says he can talk to his mother but will he? Will he heck. He's not ready. He goes off in the car instead and ignores all the calls and texts and forgets about Amy. Then the car won't start. Figures, doesn't it? Kevin rescues him and he's no sooner on the cobbles again than he's faced with a wall of disapproval, with his shouting mother leading the pack. So much for his opinion that he could talk to his mother about his problem as he told the doctor. He can't deal with it and walks away from their shouting.

Interesting that Andrea saw him coming out of the clinic and lied about seeing him to the others. She thought it was misfunctioning man bits! I suppose that's why she didn't let on. I wonder if it's going to be someone else, like Tony that will pick up on Steve's depression or it'll be Tony that he'll talk to. Carla's flat hunting. All she needs to do is ask Dev, he's got one going. Liz tried to interfere and put them both on the same shift and that went over about as well as you might think. Instead, even though Steve seemed interested in Norris and his astronomy, it only made him feel more like his life is futile.

Michael and Gavin are going fishing. Fishing? In Manchester along one of the canals? Ok. Gavin went into the Kabin to buy a bag of sweets for Gail and Mary let slip about breaking and entering so Michael admitted what he'd done. But the news that Gail sold the house to David has Gavin's ears perked up. She must have a tidy sum! Michael really doesn't know because they don't discuss that sort of thing. I guess that means she didn't tell him much about Lewis and the consequences. Poor Michael is trying hard to bond with his son, even printing off a list from the internet on how to get to know your son. That's quite sad, really. He didn't have a relationship with his own father to learn from and wasn't there for Gavin.

Michael still can't face telling Gavin about the heart condition he may have passed on. He doesn't want to scare off his son and snaps Gail's head off for nagging him about it. David respected that! Man points he called it. Grew a pair, i call it! Well in the end, he collapsed in front of Gavin so he had to tell him even if he was a bit pathetic thinking he'd never see Gavin ever again after he told him.

Gavin seems interested to find out that Audrey owns a business as does Nick, all in the same family. He planned to get his hair cut at the salon. I wondered if he was planning on casing the joint! Michael is a bit over-enthusiastic and is crowding Gavin a bit. He must live alone, he as eating out of a pot! And he had bills that worried him, so he appears to be hurting for funds and inveigled a bit out of Gail and Michael, knowing the guilt Michael feels is probably good for something. Oh right, he's unemployed, apparently. So yes, mounting bills would be a worry. Something's not right with that lad though he actually doesn't seem like an unfeeling con.

And he's making phone calls to someone who's traveling in the middle of nowhere and it turns out to be the real Gavin Rodwell!

Carla sticks her nose into Tracy's business by asking if she's going to pay off Michelle for the wedding expenses. Now, See, it boggles my mind that any wedding planner would pay for anything out of their own pocket. I am pretty sure they'd get your credit card number and have you approve and sign anything needing signing rather than using their own funds up front. I could be wrong. Tony overheard, though and he's wetting himself to get his hands on that shop so he offers to help Tracy instead and gets send out with a flea in his ear. Tracy wisely doesn't want to get involved with him again and reckons selling off all Rob's paltry belongings will help. I don't imagine he's got all that much that's worth anything other than the tablet she sold to Norris for 150 quid!

Norris has finally got his parcel after mislaying his id. He took Emily's passport instead of his own which turned up in the Kabin safe. I don't know why he couldn't use something else like a driving license since UK licenses have photos on them. Anyway the package is finally here and it's been sent to lots of different places trying to find Norris. It's a telescope and it's from his late brother Ramsay who died some years back if you will recall. Now, they way they said it in the show made it sound like Ramsay sent it before he died to make amends to Norris but I remember that Ramsay died on the plane going back to Australia so he couldn't have. Perhaps it was in his will and someone forwarded it on but they didn't say that.

Anyway, it seems Craig is a kindred spirit and tells him about apps you can get for a tablet leading Norris to go high tech and buy a second hand tablet. Very wise, if you don't know how much you'll end up using it! Norris doesn't seem to have a problem embracing technology most of the time, even if it takes him a bit of help to use it. Emily and Rita are still pining for paper and ink!

Loved that they mentioned that Curly liked astronomy, too. I always like when they bring up the past like that. Like that Tracy doesn't treat Todd with kid gloves. It's only a little scar, not exactly horribly disfigured, is he? A little makeup would cover it just fine.

Julie is looking forward to a date with Domenic, the guy she met at the party she went to with Dev. Dev is in a mood and is snapping at Sophie who twigs that he likes Julie and should tell her so. Mary is ecstatic to find out that Julie has a fella on the line but Sophie's advice to tell Julie how he feels is weighing on him. He tried once, but either her head full of curlers put him off or he just plain out lost his nerve. Instead, he ended up telling lies about Julie to Dom and lies to Dom about Julie but the two of them sussed it out quick enough. Why did Dev do that? Well, when Julie confronted him, he finally admitted it. He fancies her! And why not!?

So they're together and Mary was very dismayed to see them kissing at the doorstep! Awwww. And Julie picked up on it straight away. She was very sensitive about Mary's feelings and made Dev realize that Mary was feeling rejected and threatened. He was very good with her, making sure she would always be included in his family no matter what.

How on earth did Carla know the tablet Norris had was Rob's? It didn't look like there was anything distinctive about it, didn't even look like it was in a case. Leading to another confrontation wtih Carla and Tracy over Tracy selling Rob's things. I think it was more about losing Rob than it was Tracy selling things. Meanwhile. Tracy gave them to Beth for Kirk for free but Sinead's wibbling about the wedding outfits had Beth looking very thoughtful. Carla turned it around on Tracy though, by praising Tracy's gift to a friend rather than giving them away instead of getting angry. Beth gave them back and she's changed her mind. She's going for an 80s theme!

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Anonymous said...

A "councillor" is someone who sits on a council, while a "counsellor" offers advice and help, usually professionally.

Anonymous said...

When Carla saw Rob's tablet she checked to see the large sticker on the back, which Norris was later removing.

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