Monday, 1 December 2014

Corrie Canada weekly awards for Nov. 24 - 28

Accessory of the week: Every bar needs an animal skull!

Musical ambiance: "Stand By Your Man" in the pub when the hoedown client was chatting up Liz.

Retcon award: Carla said the basis for her business is polyester. I guess after Rob stole that silk from her she gave it up as a lost cause.

Foot in mouth award: Kal reminds Carla that she knows what it was like to be young.

Blue Monday award (and Wednesday and Friday) Everyone seemed to be sad and down this week, not just Steve. Sally, Faye, Kylie, Michelle, Michael, Steve.

Fashion wow: Julie again, with that animal print coat and also with the pink and black dress.

Fashion Fail: Mary had an allergic reaction to the eyelash glue!

Delivery fail: I honestly don't care about that bloody parcel. I don't know why Norris didn't get it delivered to the Kabin and I'm losing the will to live and the only thing that saved it was that wonderfully obnoxious depot clerk! Awesome!

What was your first clue? Michelle told Carla she didn't see this (breakup) coming? It's been in her mind for weeks thinking Steve was going off her.

Lines of the week:
Gail "I've never been to busy to have an opinion" (Line of the week!!!! and it's Gail in a nutshell!)
Sally "I'm too old to be a trainee anything" (What? No ambitions, Sal?)
Gail "I might risk a parsnip soup" (that menu sounded far above my station and all!)
Craig to Faye "It's weird isn't it? My outsides don't match my insides either" (Aww Bless!)
Steve to Steph "You should be out there, being irresponsible. Daft"
Michelle about the sports car "Looks like something that's fell out of a CornFlake packet!"
Lloyd about the sports car "How fast does it go?" Steve "90" Lloyd "She'll still catch you. I mean it, you're dead meat!"
Michelle "My life's turned downhill since he turned 40"
Liz "Steve, you have messed up every relationship you've ever had." Steve "And so have you!" (Touche!)
Michelle "Me and Steve row like other couples chat about what they're having for tea"

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