Monday, 1 December 2014

Classic Corrie Christmas Moments Countdown - Day 1

The Advent season is upon us once again, and the ITV Coronation Street website are releasing classic clips, every day I hope until Christmas Day, of classic Corrie Christmases of bygone years. I can't wait!

Today, they're going back 10 years to Christmas Day 2004. Here's what the website says:

"In this rain-soaked rooftop scene from 2004, Tracy is out for blood after she believes that Karen has killed Amy.

Would Steve get to them in time?"

We can probably answer that! Ten years on, Steve's life is still not a bed of a roses is it!

To the see the video, click here. For people outside the UK, the clip is featured in this YouTube video.

For a synopsis and info of the episode (Episode 5923) on Corriepedia, click here.

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