Friday, 12 December 2014

New Corrie book - Norman Bates with a Briefcase

From his first appearance at Alma’s funeral, Richard Hillman was destined to be one of the most enigmatic, loving family men ever to have walked on Coronation Street. But he was also one of the most dangerous.

Three people died in the short time Richard Hillman walked the cobbles. And four more would have perished in the canal when he tried to kill his family by driving them into the murky depths. 

Richard Hillman’s soap story is one of family, love, death, a canal and a crowbar.

Written by a fan for fans, this book presents the story of Richard Hillman in one continuous account, giving you the chance to relive the Platt family ups, downs and a drive into the canal.  

Actor Brian Capron, who played Richard Hillman, has written the foreword for the book and says: "Glenda has produced a brilliant account of the rise and fall of Richard. Reading it, brought back so many memories, particularly filming the deaths of Duggie, first wife Patricia, Maxine and the vain attempts to kill poor old Emily. Eileen Derbyshire is the sweetest person and we used to laugh and chat together whilst waiting to film a scene and then I'd say, ' come on Eileen I've got to try and murder you now!'"

If you love Coronation Street, you will love Norman Bates with a Briefcase, the Richard Hillman story.Cover artwork by the very talented Jo Blakeley.

And remember, if you don't own a Kindle, you can download a Kindle reading app for your smartphone or your desktop/laptop. Amazon's website will have all the details.

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