Monday, 11 September 2017

Corrie Canada Weekly Awards for Sept. 4 - 8

Power Twist award: Boy, ITV kept that secret well. Andy's alive and Phelan's been keeping him prisoner!!

Secret Code award: Loved the Cabdrivers' code! "Out of jammy dodgers" means delay the journey! I wonder how many other catch phrases they've got worked out!

Flip Flop award: Sarah and Gary are finished again.

Fashion accessory award: Loved Gemma's hair-bow! Mary's flower "crown" was really nice too, suited her.

Questionable logic award: Andy, in a dark basement with only a dim, dodgey light until Phelan comes down with a lantern, requests reading material?

User award: Nicola seems to be warming up to Phelan but certainly taking advantage that he's a builder.

Amateur Psychologist fail: Tyrone kept telling Chesney he just has to take control. Can't he see that lad needs professional help? Maybe Chesney, Bethany and Daniel can have group therapy together.

Lines of the week:
Todd "You can get results by playing nice" Phelan "And if that doesn't work, play dirty" (doesn't he just!) Todd "There's actually a decent man underneath" (Oh, no there's not!)
Andy "My Name is Andy Carver. Pat Phelan has me hostage" (no, he doesn't. He's not asked for a ransom from anyone for you)
Norris about the wedding "It's not bona fide, it's bogus fide!"
Kirk "you need to talk me through that story again now I know that goat wasn't dead"
Phelan to Andy "How come you're the one chained up in here but I feel like the one trapped?"
Jude "Look at them, friends who have become lovers" Angie "Yeah. almost too romantic to be true"
Norris to Sean about his tie "Tighter!" Sean "If I go any tighter, I'll be done for murder!" (Ha!) and "It's small and tight and rigid, just like you!"
Gemma "It's like looking for a black cat in a coal cellar"
David "I've gone AWOL a few times (haven't you *just*) and I'm sure he'll (Chesney) turn up when he's good and ready"
Gemma "What would you rather have? A bit of romance or a bit of Fifty Shades!?" Jude to Angie "Don't answer that!"

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